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Awakened Warrior

Awaken Your Inner Spiritual Warrior

Receive 6 Initiations to Activate the Archetype Muruga

Special Pricing Expires October 31st 2017

Connect With Muruga...

Divinely Inspired

Dr. Pillai revealed that this entire course, including both the teachings and techniques, came directly from Muruga himself.o.

6 Initiations

Receive an initiation each day from Dr. Pillai that can help you to attract the right relationships, destroy debts, diseases, and enemies, and awaken you to your full Divine potential in the Awakened Warrior Online Course.

Lifetime Access

Experience long-term benefits with lifetime access to all course content. You can revist the program at anytime via an exclusive membership site.

Contact the Pleiadian Spiritual Warrior

Change Your Destiny. Transform Your Life.

"Muruga is an Archetype. He represents the primordial energy force in every ancient tradition in their own imagery."

Something Different...

In this course I did something very different. This was a very, very unusual time because Muruga facilitated the process and spoke through me.

At every step, he guided me with the topic that I should talk about each day, the problems that will be solved, and the tools that he needs people to have for a higher state of consciousness.

As I said, this was not my doing. I did it in complete ease and effortlessness, and with a great amount of joy, because there is nothing that I did in that program that can be traced back to my ego. It was completely ego-free. I was only the channel through which Muruga flowed and reached out to you.

The 6 Topics Given to Dr. Pillai from Muruga

The Awakened Warrior Initiation Program

1. Opening the Sacred Heart

How to open yourself up to Muruga so he can play a vital role in guiding you as he has been guiding Dr. Pillai. leo.

2. Symbols of Muruga

How can you connect with him through his symbols, and access his energy for enlightenment, karma removal, and opening the third eye.

3. Special Intelligence

How he can help you access unlearned intelligence (intuition) through the dissolution of both knowledge and ignorance.

4. Stilling the Mind

How he can help you end duality and access unity consciousness to experience your true Divine nature.

5. Overcoming Maya

How he can help you dissolve your mayic (illusionary) perception to create a fulfilling, enlightened lifestyle.

6. The Sacred Feminine

Revelations on the secret to attaining the highest intelligence, and accessing the power of OM.

The only justification for me to be on this Earth Plane is to do a job that has never been done before. It has been attempted, but failed. What is that job? To bring the "Golden Age." We need a technology, and the technology is out there from the outer space, from the Pleiades. The God of Pleiades is Muruga, and he is the one who is watching over that.

-Dr. Pillai


What People Are Saying...

“I participated in the Awakened Warrior webcasts with Dr. Pillai. Since my initiations, I have experienced favorable changes in myself – energy, faith, love, joy, happiness,and above all no fear. I can feel love flowing from my heart.”

Graciela Miramontes

“I am a witness that God comes when we ask. I believed Dr. Pillai when he said we should ask Lord Muruga and he would perform miracles for us. I asked/pleaded to Lord Muruga for help, and I saw him throw his lance. I witnessed a miracle. Then only minutes later my mind started doubting what I saw, so Lord Muruga did it again! These things are happening now on the Earth Plane, and I am so excited.”

Linda Villanueva

“I have been connecting with Muruga regularly after receiving initiation and techniques from Dr. Pillai, and I can now feel his presence with me at all times. He performs miracles for me every day to make himself known, and communicates with me whenever I think of him. He has become my Guardian Angel, and has helped me so many times when I have been without hope. His compassion is truly out of this world, and has left me in awe and tears on many occasions. It’s all thanks to Dr. Pillai that I have been able to experience this.”

Ryan Irving

Muruga Invites You...

It is my invitation, which is rather the invitation of Muruga, to come and use this very special time to
change your life for the better. - Dr. Pillai

Course Reviews

  1. 5 out of 5


    It’s an extremely well designed course that has personally help me release a lot of negativity in my life. Dr Pillai’s courses are invaluable to mankind and there’s no one better who can connect you with Muruga like Babaji. It’s definitely life changing and the change is permanent. 5 stars.

  2. 5 out of 5


    over the past 8 years, there was not one course on Muruga I missed and with this course it all “fell into place” – I never miss a 6th moon for my abishekam/pooja and carry the vel alsways wth me – muruga is very much alive in my live and always visit this course and much to my surprise I always find somethin “new” and the understanding gets deaper. Glad i signed up for this course.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I love the warrior we have everyone whithin us…we face so much challenges in today life….we need Muruga to help , support, and give us the energy to continue with the Vel in the hand and in the mind to open our ways in life…….. Murugam Kumaran Guhammmmmmm

  4. 5 out of 5


    It provided me inner strength and will power. nice course to take

  5. 5 out of 5


    I love it! Thank you very much Dr. PIllai and Lord Muruga.

  6. 5 out of 5


    I have always felt a natural connection to Lord Muruga’s brother, Ganesha. Although I have placed Him on my altar, Muruga always felt distant to me. However, after taking this course, Dr. Pillai has made this profoundly powerful force known through sacred chant and symbolic, archetypal imagery. One of my psychic office mates said I was emanating a vibrant red color the entire week I was taking this course! I am using the mantras daily to quiet my busy mind – with immediate results. I recommend this course.

  7. :

    I love it! Very powerful. Thank you Baba!

  8. :

    I learn a lot in this course, know deeply about Lord Muruga & feel i have a shift in my counciousness. Thank you to Dr Pillai, Babaji & Lord Muruga.Namaste!