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Goddess Wisdom

Gain Supernormal Consciousness From the Goddess

Join the Goddess Wisdom Program

The Power of the Goddess

The Goddess is the miracle-performing intelligence within the brain called ‘Arul Shakti,’ or ‘Chit Shakti.’ ‘Chit’ means super-normal consciousness, which is the consciousness to do anything, to know anything, and to be anywhere, anytime.

She is not simply a vibration or frequency. She is a mega-divine female, the mother-divine.
The counterpart of God the father, she is the creatress of the phenomenal world.

In order to access her, you must remain alert and receive and activate her in the brain, in body,
through appropriate initiations and meditations.

In this program we will learn and practice the technology of the Goddess in order to acquire super-intelligence and miraculous powers.”

– Dr. Pillai

The Power of the Goddess

Join Dr. Pillai in an online course orginally revealed during the powerful 9 Nights of the Goddess, and receive initiation into nine secretive goddess mantras. Each mantra unlocks different siddhis (supernormal powers), and activates different aspects of the Goddess Archetype within.

The 9 Mantras & their Super

Mantra 1 – Unlocks super-intelligence, higher education, past, present, and future karma-removal, and obstacle removal.

Mantra 2 – Unlocks instantaneous manifestation, extreme wealth attraction, good fortune, longevity, and prosperity in all areas of life.

Mantra 3 – Unlocks charm and attraction, destroys negativity, balances masculine and feminine energies, gives supreme confidence and the ability to manifest, and removes ignorance.

Mantra 4 – Unlocks highest spiritual and material intelligence, wisdom, creativity, power over speech, and enlightenment.

Mantra 5 – Unlocks fearlessness, self-confidence, high self-esteem, healing, righteousness, and destroys negativity.

Mantra 6 – Unlocks enlightenment, incredible happiness, spiritual and material power, detachment from karma, and a complete cleansing of the body, mind, and soul.

Mantra 7 – Unlocks astral travel, power over thought-manifestation, control over senses, and access to higher states of consciousness.

Mantra 8 – Unlocks the central nadi and third eye, ultimate power, immortality, god-realization and divine bliss, and removes ego.

Mantra 9 – Unlocks the ability to create matter and life. This is the ultimate secret mantra of the Goddess.

What's Included in the Program

9 Initiations

You receive master-level initiation into nine different Goddess mantras via nine recorded webcasts from Dr. Pillai. There are eighteen videos total, one meditation and one teaching video for each Goddess.

Audios and Transcripts

Each webcast comes with audio downloads of the full webcast, meditation, mantra loops, and also includes downloadable transcripts for both the meditations and the teachings. There are thirteen audios total.

Program Email series

You will receive email support throughout the entire program to help guide you, and ensure you receive the maximum benefits from this program.

Membership Site

You will receive lifetime access to everything included in the program at one central location via an exclusive membership site.

Customer Support

As a member of this program, you will receive unlimited customer
support for life.

What People Have Said

Jan says:

Dr. Pillai’s lectures on each of the goddesses, the nine mantras and their purpose, and the meditation practices for each were astonishing, deep, clear, concise, and revelatory. It is hard to do justice in describing the power of the teachings. I just felt my eyebrows going up and up and up and up, in awe and gratitude. It felt like I was wrapped in goddess energy for the entire time.

Jan Bocskay

Heather said:

I enrolled in the Pillai Center Academy Goddess Wisdom Course. I had this overwhelming sense of emotion and tears started flowing down my face… I had what felt like a flashback to a past life. I saw a young beautiful woman… I felt strongly that she was my mother and that I loved her with such intensity … It was complete and utter joy… It was a feeling of a relationship with so much love and happiness, unlike any relationship of any kind I’ve ever had in this life with anyone… parent, relative or partner. It gave me hope. I’ve felt it now, I want to feel and experience that type of joy in this life…I feel so very grateful for being able to have Dr Pillai’s teachings and wisdom in my life. Never a day goes by that I don’t listen to him in some form or other.

Heather Anderson

Shanta said:

There was a tremendous feeling of love, compassion and healing within, and I could/can see a lot of sparks, lights and some grey stuff from the corner of both the eyes. Each night I felt associated with that aspect of the Goddess… when the contact is established there is a feeling of floating in the air. There was a loud ringing of the right ear, felt very hot, and peace. Afterwards there was a feeling of coming into my own power and a feeling of assertiveness.

Shanta Misra

The greatest thing you could want in your life, in order to change your life, is to be
abducted by The Goddess.

-Dr. Pillai

Activate the Goddess

Course Reviews

  1. 5 out of 5


    This was an energetic and detailed experience. With explanations, pictures, mantras and Fire Labs honoring the deities. I could not have asked for more. I wish there was one of these for Lord Ganesha. The opening music and songs throughout made this an exciting experience. Excellent Job.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Amazingly beautiful and powerful course I’ve gone through in my life. Heartiest gratitude and Sharanagati to Dr. Pillai.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Awesome! The most meaningful Navaratri I’ve had in years. Course is progressive, accessible, yet mind-blowing. I will be returning to these tools again and again. Thank you for putting together this comprehensive “pin-code” to access the Mother in many of her most powerful and life-changing forms.