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The Great Night of Shiva

The Global Great Night of Shiva (Maha Sivaratri) Vigil with Dr. Pillai

An Unprecedented 4-Part Webcast Series with “Secretive” Meditation and Mantras for all 4 Powertimes (Kalas) of the Great Night of Shiva
Dr. Pillai Shares about His New Global Event

Join a 12-Hour Vigil Worth “Millions of Years” of Meditation

I am going to teach you a meditation, a very secretive meditation I have never revealed before. I am also going to give the secretive mantras that you will do in each of the 4 units of time (kalas), covering the 12-hour period of time.” – Dr. Pillai

Watch Videos about the Great Night of Shiva and the Global Vigil Program

  • WATCH – What is the Great Night of Shiva?
  • WATCH – Dr. Pillai’s Global Vigil Program

Join the Global Great Night of Shiva Vigil

“Even if you don’t meditate for the rest of the year, at least if you do this during this night there will be a tremendous amount of benefit that will come.”
Dr. Pillai, Founder of Pillai Center and AstroVed

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  • Empowerment Webcast Package


    – Dr. Pillai’s 4 Webcasts for Each Kala
    – At-Home Practice Instructions
    – Downloadable Webcast, Meditation, and Mantra Audios


If you have any questions that are not answered here, please email us at
  • Who is Shiva? Shiva is an Archetype that exists both within us as part of our own consciousness and without as both energy and as an anthropomorphic being. He represents and bestows enlightenment, peace, and prosperity of the highest order.

  • What is a Bilva leaf? A Bilva leaf, also known as Vilva leaf in Tamil, is considered the most sacred leaf on Earth. It naturally resonates with Shiva, and offering them to him, especially during The Great Night of Shiva, facilitates a powerful transmission of his energy to yourself and your lineage (family members).

  • Why donate Bilva leaves and ghee lamps for others? Simply put, this is an act of great compassion and selfless service to help others access the blessings of Shiva and allow him to help others. It not only benefits them and their families, but also gives you immense merit and benefits as well. If everyone could give just one Bilva leaf and ghee lamp to Shiva on this night, the world would be changed instantly. Your donation contributes to that end.

Course Reviews

  1. 5 out of 5


    A good course to understand the significance of Shiva night – MahaShivaratri !

    Guided meditations are unique.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Awesome! Thank you!