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Ganesha Programs Special Bundle

“It is not me who is doing this. Ganesha uses my voice, my vocabulary, but other than that, the content is from him. He contacted me and blessed me, and then got into my body. These are initiations that will last a lifetime.” ~ Dr. Pillai


Product Description

Ganesha Consciousness Program

This foundational course is essential to creating a strong foundation with Ganesha, and is loaded with mantras, meditations, and teachings, including:

  • Super-intelligence meditation
  • Brain-empowerment meditation
  • Time-accelerator and management meditation
  • Obstacle-removing and shortcut intelligence mediation
  • 6 new mantras to access the core power and abilities of Ganesha
  • A 3-month timeline and do-it-yourself manual
  • Time-energy chart on when to access Ganesha Consciousness
  • Weekly guidance emails with reminders, tips, and additional support.
  • Private Facebook group
  • Recorded calls from an empowered teacher
  • An energized amulet with Ganesha’s herb and yantra with instructions on how to use
  • An energized Crystal Ganesha statue (pocket-sized)

Plus bonus guides and videos about:

  • The meaning of Ganesha’s Archetype
  • How to set up and use a Ganesha altar
  • Siddha technologies for image and statue worship, hydration ceremony, smashing obstacles with coconuts, and working with yantras and amulets
  • Lime rolling
  • Tarpanam
  • Meditation tips

Warrior Ganesha Program

This Ganesha course builds on the foundational teachings of the Ganesha Consciousness Program. There are 3 modules with new secrets revealed about how to harness Ganesha’s energy in more and different ways, including:

  • 3 phonemes to activate 100% brain power aka Ganesha’s intelligence
  • Mantra for the Supreme form of Ganesha to remove the three human impurities for God Consciousness
  • 3 mantras to harness the energy of Shakti Ganapati to increase mind power, physical power, and heal all diseases
  • 6 recorded calls with an empowered Pillai Center teacher for more in-depth tips and tricks
  • An energized crystal Ganesha statue and Ganesha amulet with his herb and yantra
  • Private Facebook community access
  • Lifetime membership site access


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