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Awakened Warrior

Introducing a Channeled Program from Dr. Pillai…

How to Activate the Muruga Archetype for Superhuman Intelligence, Ability, and Ultimate Evolution

Receive 6 Initiations to Activate the Spiritual Warrior Archetype Represented by Muruga

A Program Divinely Inspired by Muruga Himself …

In this course, I did something very different. This was a very, very unusual time because Muruga facilitated the process and spoke through me. At every step, he guided me with the topic that I should talk about each day, the problems that he will solve, and the tools he needs people to have for a higher state of consciousness. I was only the channel through which Muruga flowed and reached out to you.

Who is Muruga?

Muruga is the god of the Pleiades, the god of light, the god of the 3rd eye. He is in charge of OM, the primordial sound that created the entire universe. He is himself OM which holds the secret for instantaneous resolution of all problems.Subramanya, Kartikeya, and Skanda are some of his other names, and in the English and Greek tradition he is called Alcyone. His energy is that of youth hood, robust health, intelligence, warrior like strength, both physical and mental, and beauty. He is a celestial being of great intelligence and power.Muruga is personally responsible for the evolution of this planet. He was instrumental in creating the Earth plane itself and has a vested interest in protecting it. He is very closely watching over human beings so that he can evolve us to his level where there is no suffering or disease at all, no limitation, and no aging. We all deserve that.Dr. Pillai

Muruga’s Gift to You

When Muruga takes over a person, that person gets wisdom, Ashtama Siddhi (8 ultimate supernormal powers), intelligence, and the ability to act. You can’t get intelligence and the ability to act anywhere else unless Muruga gives it to you. There is nothing in this world which would be impossible for you to do. Such is the divine feature of Muruga. You will not be able to experience this phenomenon anywhere. This is the gift Muruga wants to give to you.I want people to take advantage of this, that is why I decided to do this program.”


Featuring 6 Modules of Training from Dr. Pillai

The Awakened Warrior Program is based on a series of 6 webcast-initiations that were originally recorded during a past 6 Days of Muruga (Skanda Shasti) powertime.

What You Will Learn in the 6 Teaching Webcasts and Initiations:

1. Opening Your Sacred Heart

Learn how to open yourself up to Muruga so he can play a vital role in guiding you as he has guided Dr. Pillai.

2. Symbols of Muruga

Find out how you can connect with Muruga through his symbols to access his energy for enlightenment, karma removal, and opening your 3rd Eye.

3. Special Intelligence

Discover how Muruga can help you access unlearned intelligence (intuition) through the dissolution of both knowledge and ignorance.

4. Stilling the Mind

Learn how Muruga can help you end duality and access unity consciousness to experience your unlimited Divine nature.

5. Overcoming Maya

Experience how Muruga can help you dissolve your perception of the physical world to create an authentic, fulfilling, and enlightened lifestyle.

6. The Sacred Feminine

Receive revelations about the secret to attaining the highest intelligence and accessing the power of OM.


In addition to these 6 initiations, you can also receive a bonus initiation Dr. Pillai from the most powerful spiritual vortex on the planet, Mt. Arunachala, during the 6 Days of Muruga in 2015.“There are syllables, phonemes, that can facilitate the process of Muruga’s light and energy to descend into your pineal gland (3rd eye), and from the pineal gland to the rest of your body.There are others that I will give that can invite Muruga to protect you, protect your body, protect your mind, protect your material assets, or give you them to you if you do not have any.Where did this knowledge? I downloaded a conversation that I had with Muruga. I did not do this session, I allowed him to do it through me.”— Dr Pillai



Complete Awakened Warrior Program

Complete Awakened Warrior Program

Teachings, initiations, and information from Dr. Pillai in 6 separate webcast recordings (video and audio).

Downloadable PDFs

Downloadable PDFs

Download transcripts of all Dr. Pillai’s Awakened Warrior teachings for your convenience.

Downloadable Audio Recordings

Downloadable Audio Recordings

Meditation and mantra loop audio files you can download to aid you in carrying out your daily Awakened Warrior practice.

Educational Program Emails

Educational Program Emails

Receive supplemental teachings and guidance directly to your inbox.

Lifetime Membership Access

Lifetime Membership Access

Enjoy lifetime program access and support from Pillai Center teachers and team members.


I have been connecting with Muruga regularly after receiving initiation and techniques from Dr. Pillai, and I can now feel his presence with me at all times. He performs miracles for me every day to make himself known, and communicates with me whenever I think of him. He has become my Guardian Angel, and has helped me so many times when I have been without hope. His compassion is truly out of this world, and has left me in awe and tears on many occasions. It’s all thanks to Dr. Pillai that I have been able to experience this.Ryan Irving
I am a witness that God comes when we ask. I believed Dr. Pillai when he said we should ask Lord Muruga and he would perform miracles for us. I asked/pleaded to Lord Muruga for help, and I saw him throw his lance. I witnessed a miracle. Then only minutes later my mind started doubting what I saw, so Lord Muruga did it again! These things are happening now on the Earth plane, and I am so excitedLinda Villanueva
I participated in the [live] Awakened Warrior webcasts with Dr. Pillai. Since my initiations, I have experienced favorable changes in myself – energy, faith, love, joy, happiness, and – above all – no fear. I can feel love flowing from my heart.

Graciela Miramontes



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Dr. Pillai


Dr. Baskaran Pillai is an academic scholar, phenomenologist of religion, and a representative of the Tamil Siddha tradition. He has a very personal connection with the Tamil God, Muruga, attributing him as his guiding force, responsible for every miracle, fortune, and intelligence he has received.Referred to by bestselling author Dr. Wayne Dyer as “one of the most divine and enlightened beings on Earth,” and Time Magazine as the “YouTube Guru,” he is one of the most innovative source of human development technology in the world today, teaching only what he has realized, experienced, and mastered in his own life.An invited speaker in over 40 countries, he’s been a featured guest at global forums such as the United Nations Conference of World Religions and the World Knowledge Forum. His educational-technology has been researched by Harvard University, Brain Science International, and other institutions. Unique, revolutionary, and very practical, Dr. Pillai’s work has helped transform the lives of millions of people for over 4 decades.

Dr. Pillai

“Muruga is a god who carries the highest intelligence to perform the most difficult tasks. If you have his grace, you will get into miracles instantaneously.”– Dr. Pillai

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