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Deepam: Festival of Lights


“Light is consciousness, intelligence and energy. The more inner light and energy you have, the less limitations you have.

— Dr. Pillai

Dr Pillai

“Every second we are living an ignorant life. Life on this earth plane is characterized by ignorance. We do not know what’s going to happen. We do not know the answers for so many questions. We do not know what the future is. We are all groping in darkness, and that is painful. We have been living this life of ignorance since time immemorial”

– Dr. Pillai

Spiritual light is the intelligence that leads to removing stumbling blocks that stop your money flow, your relationship harmony and a life of meaning and purpose. In other words, it’s the intelligence that removes suffering in all its forms.

This course shines its brightest during the Tamil month of Karthigai and the Deepam powertime, but you can receive immense benefit any time of the year.


Deepam (or Karthigai Deepam) is a festival of lights celebrated in South India, dating back to about 200 B.C. to 300 A.D. Deepam means “light” and falls in the Tamil month of Kārttikai (mid-November to mid-December), on the day when the Full Moon is in conjunction with the Pleiades constellation. The name Karthigai originates from the star Krittika, the Pleiades star cluster ruled by Muruga.

This festival of lights is celebrated in the hill town of Tiruvannamalai, where a beacon of light in the form of a huge bonfire is lit atop Arunachala. It is said that the mere sight of this holy light is enough to burn away the heaps of bad karma accumulated over several births.

Worshipping this light on this day will usher in prosperity, resolution of long standing quarrels, peace, and the release from the cycle of rebirth.

Dr. Pillai made the recordings of this course at Arunachala. He, and the Purana scriptures, consider it the world’s primary powerspot for karma removal.

“All of the scriptures say that people come hear and hang out from all over the Universe, going around the mountain, over and over and over again, nonstop. Who are those people? These are the most enlightened beings from all galaxies. They have no other place to go but here because this mountain has so much power. The mountain itself is the ultimate God. Call it Shiva. Call it whatever name you want to call it, but they call it Shiva here.” – Dr. Pillai

The light of the lamps and fires symbolizes the removal of greed, darkness, ignorance, karma, and all things that exist only where light does not. Deepam is the ultimate celebration of pure light that can take you to your highest achievements in this life.




The Hindu trinity consists of Brahma (creator), Vishnu (material comforts), and Shiva (karma removal).

According to scripture, Shiva took on the form of infinite fire as a challenge to Brahma and Vishnu. In the fire form, he asked them to identify where the fire began and ended.

The two Gods could not fathom Shivas infinite nature, and their failure established Shiva as the Supreme Brahman. He had no beginning and no end. When discovering this, they humbled themselves to him.

Shiva, whether in the infinite fire form or another, is the remover of darkness, ignorance, and karma.



During the month of Karthigai, Muruga was born as six brilliant sparks that came out of Shiva’s 3rd Eye. The sparks became six babies, and Shiva’s wife, Goddess Parvati, united them into one. He is often depicted with six heads, which represent the six parts of the brain.

Muruga is the Pleiadean Spiritual Warrior Archetype who represents awakening of the 3rd Eye and brain. His infinite intelligence conquers internal enemies like greed, bad karma, ignorance, and jealousy. He is believed to have a strong affinity with human beings and assists them in their evolution.

Muruga is celebrated, along with Shiva, during Deepam and the month of Karthigai.


Dr. Pillai’s Arunachala Light Body Song

He sings this beautiful devotional song in English to remind you of who you truly are. You can even sing along.

Lectures on Arunachala, the Light Body, Shiva, and Muruga

You will have access through videos, audios, transcripts, and text modules.

The Arul Meditation to Activate Your Light Body

Dr. Pillai will share revelations on how to perform the meditation in order to properly infuse your DNA with the primordial consciousness of omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence.

Doing this will also help you manifest your desires in a pure way, without incurring karmic debt.

The Arunachala Meditation to Still the Mind

“You don’t even have to look at the mountain. To just be in the presence of the mountain, although the mountain will be a few miles away from you, and even without seeing the mountain, but the mountain can still the mind.” — Dr. Pillai

Arunachala, the karma-dissolving mountain, has the power to still the mind. The mind creates both time and karma, so stopping the mind can dissolve karma. Doing so can be highly elusive, however.

Mantra Audio Loops

You will receive looped audios of Dr. Pillai chanting the mantras. You can sit quietly and listen, receiving his darshan. You can also chant along with him.

Tips On How to Structure a Daily Practice

As with any good spiritual practice, you want to integrate it into your daily life and create a structured routine. You’ll learn some ways to do that.

Bonus Videos to Establish a Deeper Connection with Shiva & Muruga

The supplementary bonus module will introduce additional teachings and meditations to get the most out of the Archetypes and the Deepam powertime.

You will also learn at-home practices for Deepam that you can easily do during the Festival of Lights, or at any time you wish.

You will receive full instructions for setting up an altar and how to perform Hydration Prayers to statues or yantras (geometric designs that emit particular sacred frequencies) of an archetype.

Lifetime Membership Access

You will always know where to find your lectures, transcripts, and meditations, because they will all be in one place.

Lifetime Email Support

Whenever you have any questions about the course or its teachings, you can count on getting your questions answered.



Dr. Baskaran Pillai is an academic scholar, phenomenologist of religion, and a representative of the Tamil Siddha tradition. He has a very personal connection with the Tamil God, Muruga, attributing him as his guiding force, responsible for every miracle, fortune, and intelligence he has received.

Referred to by bestselling author Dr. Wayne Dyer as “one of the most divine and enlightened beings on Earth,” and Time Magazine as the “YouTube Guru,” he is one of the most innovative source of human development technology in the world today, teaching only what he has realized, experienced, and mastered in his own life.

An invited speaker in over 40 countries, he’s been a featured guest at global forums such as the United Nations Conference of World Religions and the World Knowledge Forum. His educational-technology has been researched by Harvard University, Brain Science International, and other institutions. Unique, revolutionary, and very practical, Dr. Pillai’s work has helped transform the lives of millions of people for over 4 decades.

““Light is consciousness, intelligence and energy. The more inner light and energy you have, the less limitations you have. Increased awareness liberates you from ego, selfishness, ignorant thoughts and bad decision making.”

– Dr. Pillai

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