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Divine Autopilot Program

Divine Autopilot Program

Installation of Shiva’s Intelligence into the Brain and Breath

Use this Time to Transform Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Shiva's Birthday

On the 26th of December, I did a presentation on the importance of Lord Siva’s Birthday, and this is something very unique. Astronomically speaking, you see the Sun and the Moon opposing. What it means is this is the time of renewal. You don’t want to miss the time. This is the time of recreating yourself. The galaxy has a lot of impact on us as a microcosm, our body, mind, our DNA; everything is affected on this day. That’s why we should not miss this day.

What I Will Teach You

I will teach you what Shiva has to offer, particularly in respect to transforming your body, mind, and soul: How to get our destiny under control, and how to overcome the karmic life that we have been leading. How we can change our limitations as human beings on the level of the body, mind, and circumstances, and then get beyond them. I’ll give you a meditation to access the energy of Shiva to re-create yourself.

"Time is everything. Time lost is opportunity lost.You don’t want to miss the time. This is the time to recreate yourself."

- Dr. Baskaran Pillai, Pillai Center Founder

Recreate Yourself

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