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Essentials: Holy Spirit Immersion

Why This Is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Receiving a true anointing into the Holy Spirit is something most people will not have the opportunity to receive. Such a precious gift is traditionally reserved only for those who have demonstrated their readiness, often for years prior, which can be seen in the case of the Apostles.

In the Holy Spirit Immersion Program, you will have the opportunity to receive your anointing directly from Dr. Pillai during the sacred Easter time, when Jesus was reborn into his Resurrected Body. Dr. Pillai is a fully anointed Divine Messenger of the Holy Spirit who has been vested with the power to anoint others on their behalf. People from all over the world have testified to the supernatural experience of his presence and transmissions. This will be the first dedicated, exclusive Holy Spirit Immersion Program offered by Dr. Pillai to the world.

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