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Ganesha Consciousness

Dr. Pillai has channeled teachings direct from the Divine Mind of Ganesha into a program with the singular purpose of giving you Initiation, or ‘Divine Permission’, to LIVE Ganesha’s Super-Consciousness.

Results will come in 90 days or less, guaranteed.

Receive all the tools and empowerments to create your own miraculous relationship with Ganesha as personal Guardian Angel, Divine Guide, and Miracle Worker.

What is Ganesha Consciousness?

Ganesha Consciousness is the preeminent consciousness of all Divine Archetypes. It is beyond Time and Space, capable of the greatest intelligence and wisdom, and unlimited in its ability to do anything:

  • Time/space mastery equal to Kalabhairava
  • Protection equivalent of Vishnu
  • Wealth equivalent to Lakshmi
  • Purity equal to Shiva
  • Wisdom equal to Muruga
  • Intelligence equal to Saraswati
  • Compassion and power equivalent to Shakti
  • Mind/body/soul strength equivalent to Hanuman

What sets Ganesha apart from all other Archetypes is his ability to give results faster. It’s because of his special intelligence to see every shortcut and remove any obstacles, traits only Ganesha has!

Ganesha’s Program Breakdown

The core program is based on teachings channeled by Dr. Pillai for Ganesha’s D-Day, when Ganesha’s power on Earth begin to increase, ushering in the “Year of Ganesha”. Plus, an additional mantra and meditation has been added, resulting in four powerful mantras meditations to change your life.

Mantras and Meditations:

icon-elepGanesha-fy your Midbrain – 2 mantras + 1 Meditation
– there is an activated midbrain, and then there is a Ganesha-fied midbrain. You get Ganesha’s:

  • Brain power
  • Midbrain intelligence
  • Ability to see all the possible shortcuts
  • Ability to “know” past, present, and future simultaneously 3 Videos
  • One-on-one communication through your thought process 3 Audio Downloads

icon-timeGanesha-fy your Time – 3 Mantras (2 New) + 1 Meditation: There is fast time, and then there is Ganesha-fied time. In this module you get Ganesha’s:

  • Time-management skills
  • Wisdom super-thoughts from the unmanifest
  • Material super-thoughts for perfect earthly living 4 Videos
  • Ability to know and do without delay 3 Audio Downloads

icon-runGanesha-fy your Obstacles – 2 Mantras (1 New) + 1 Meditation
: Ganesha is the one and only master of Obstacles. In this module you get his:

  • Obstacle-foresight
  • Obstacle-removal 2 Videos
  • Obstacle-mastery 3 Audio Downloads

icon-pothiGanesha’s Super Intelligence Mantra – 1 New Mantra + 1 Meditation: This is a catch-all mantra that can give you Ganesha’s consciousness, particularly:

  • Super-intelligence
  • Time-compression
  • Obstacle removal
  • Money and Relationship Attraction 2 Audio Downloads

icon-downDownloadable Guides

Do-It-Yourself Manual: A complete practice guide to working with and accessing Ganesha’s consciousness.

Accessing Ganesha Time Chart: A list of different Ganesha powertimes that happen daily, weekly, and monthly that you will be shown how to harness and use to generate more power from your practice.

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Ganesha Consciousness Program

  • The “all-in-one” Ganesha mantra and meditation
  • Do-It-Yourself Practice manual
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Lifetime access on Pillai Center Academy membership site

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$ 74

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