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Ganesha Decoded

“I am going to teach you the secret mantras where the Ganas—the Angels—will do
everything for you.” – Dr. Pillai

Ganesha, King of the Ganas (angels), possesses that super-intelligence, and accessing His archetypal power within you can make money, knowledge, and empowerment come to you. Dr. Pillai says, “Don’t run after money. Don’t run after knowledge. Don’t run after power. They will all come to you.”


In the Ganesha Decoded online course, Dr. Pillai imparts 7 separate initiations and 1 special prayer drawn from Ganesha’s ultimate mantra, implanting each powersound deep into your consciousness.

Having an enlightened master’s initiation helps you form a strong connection with Ganesha’s super-human intelligence, aids your success in every area of your life, making it free of obstacles and problems.

As part of Ganesha Decoded, these exclusive initiations will provide you with:


1)The “seed” to developing your power to create anything.“The way God created the world. God created the world though the word—the word is mantra.”


2)A mighty protector and preventer of accidents & obstacles. “[Ganesha] is looking after you [as he has done for me].”


3)The key to raising your Kundalini to empower your pineal gland, the seat of the third eyethus empowering your spiritual enlightenment. “You have to get Ganesha into your body, mind, and soul by doing these meditations.”

“This is Ganesha’s gift for you: to transform your human intelligence to superhuman intelligence, your human power into superman power.” – Dr. Pillai

Ganesha Decoded Includes:

  • Introduction to Ganesha’s powers
  • Teaching videos to go along with each initiation
  • Multiple meditation & mantra loop audios
  • Daily practice recommendations to make the most of your initiations
  • Bonus materials to further deepen your knowledge of and connection with Ganesha

What People Are Saying about Their Ganesha Initiation Experiences:

“I have such a feeling of being held and being surrounded by love and golden light and Ganesha’s helmet. I can just see it every time I close my eyes. And this time I saw some extraordinary, beautiful visuals, but the most moving part of it was at the very end of the meditation, I saw this Golden turning sea and I can see each of us rising up as a transformed being coming out of this golden sea.”

“The secrets that he has so generously revealed gave so much, it opened up doors that I had never had before. Even though I had heard so much before it was at another level, it opened up other dimensions, so profoundly grateful.”

“We can learn how to replace the negative with the positive and really experience tremendous positivity through the mantras, through the sounds. And with that power of mantras we can create miracles. The miracles, big miracles, everyday miracles. The miracle of our whole life, what we do with our life. So, I really am grateful to Dr. Pillai.”

What You’ll Receive

Ganesha Decoded

Ganesha Decoded Includes:

  • 7 Unique Meditation Techniques & Initiations
  • 1 Prayer Technique to Acquire Ganesha’s Grace

  • Introduction to Ganesha’s powers
  • Three immersive initiation videos from Dr. Pillai
  • Teaching videos to go along with each initiation
  • Multiple meditation & mantra loop audios
  • Daily practice recommendations to make the most of your initiations
  • Bonus materials to further deepen your knowledge of and connection with Ganesha

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Course Reviews

  1. Joseph

    This course presented a great amount of very helpful information.

  2. Joseph

    I really enjoyed this course.

  3. Gina (Jai Radha) Guerrieri

    I can’t get enough of this mantra! Dr. Pillai really “decoded” this beautiful and comprehensive Ganesha mantra. It gives wealth, attraction, clears obstacles… it doesn’t get better than this. If you love or are interested in learning more about Ganesha and/or want to learn a powerful mantra for this archetype who removes obstacles, this is a fantastic course to take. Lots of content. It was recorded during a live seminar which is always a treat to experience.

  4. Valli

    Thank you so much for these wonderful Ganesha teachings! I am so grateful for them.

  5. laufenberg007

    Lots of material but very clear. Awesome program!

  6. Silke

    Meditating with a group combines all of our intentions into a great energy that can be visualized as a funnel of streaming orangey-gold light powerfully extending to Ganesha. Each of us brings our stream of orangey-gold energy to the mainstream and together we are reaching Ganesha which will show itself in various ways to each one of us, appearing individually in our third eye. Which we then observe. thank you Babaji for leading us deeper to truth, helping us to strip ourselves of all ignorant thoughts of who we thought we were, shedding layers upon layers so that at the end, only truth remains to be looked at. What great Love. What great love. Thank you. Thank you PC teachers. Namaste to all.

  7. shanmugapriya

    With full faith thank you Babaji.Thank you for your Blessings.

  8. Vegnesh

    Each moment I feel reborn using this profound techniques. Thank You Babaji and teachers of Pillai Centre.