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The Great Night of Shiva – 4 Part Vigil For Peace & Prosperity

From Dr. Pillai – Scholar Mystic, Founder of Pillai Center
The Great Night of Shiva
4-Part webcast Series with Powerful Teachings, Meditations
& Mantras to Experience Enlightenment
Who is Shiva?
Shiva is the God of Enlightenment. Nothing else matters to Him. By
Shiva’s standard, life on Earth has only one purpose: to evolve, to
get rid of your individual Ego identity, to get rid of your Maya, your
attraction the world of the senses, and then your Karma, which is the
sum total of the good and bad you have done over many, many
-Dr. Pillai
Shiva is an archetype that exists both within us as part of our own
consciousness, and outside of us as both divine energy and as an
anthropomorphic being.
Shiva represents karma removal and can bring you enlightenment, peace, and prosperity of the highest order.
What is the Great Night of Shiva?

“For me, the most important day in each year is this Great Night of the Shiva because it’s the day that Shiva gives an opportunity for everyone to merge with his consciousness. Even if you don’t meditate for the rest of the year, at least if you do this during this night, there will be a tremendous amount of benefit that will come.”
-Dr. Pillai
Maha Shivaratri means ‘Great Night of Shiva, and is celebrated the 13th night and 14th day of the New Moon during the dark half of the month of Phalguna-this falls within either February or March. It marks a remembrance of overcoming darkness and ignorance in life and in the world.
Experience a 12-Hour Vigil Worth “Millions of
Years” of Meditation
“I am going to teach you a very secretive meditation I have never revealed before
[this Program]. I am also going to give the secretive mantras that you will do in each of the four units
of time (kalas) that cover the 12-hour period of “the Great Night of Shiva.”
While the powerful teachings, meditations, and mantras included in the program’s four webcasts are at their
peak potency during Maha Shivaratri, they can be used effectively at any time throughout the year to
connect with Shiva for shedding karmic baggage that may be weighing you down.
Watch to Learn More about the Great Night of Shiva & Dr. Pillai’s Program
The Maha Mantra Explained
“Shiva’s consciousness is the ultimate consciousness. You do not have to do anything – you will see miracles happening if you have Shiva’s consciousness. Education, your skills, your strategies, your maneuvering – all these will become irrelevant. When you remain alert and start chanting the words, the sounds, then you will be transformed. The sounds have been called as the Maha Mantra, the greatest mantra. Why? Because it describes the sum total of principles that go to create the Universe. These sounds can give you everything – all material and spiritual prosperity.” – Dr. Pillai

In the program, Dr. Pillai will be teaching you secretive combinations of Shiva’s ultimate mantra, in addition to other sounds targeted to activate your primary chakras and connect with the corresponding elements. In his words from the program:

EARTH/ROOT CHAKRA – “Everybody is after money, everybody is after material comforts. Mastering the Earth element will give you both. You will have knowledge given to you about the Earth, about matter, about gold, about growth, ideas of creation will flow into your consciousness. Earth creates.

WATER/NAVEL CHAKRA – “Water sustains life. Without water everyone will die; the plants will die too. It’s Hydrogen; it hydrates – the plant as well as ourselves. Water is life giving.

FIRE/HEART CHAKRA – “Fire is light and heat. It is energy; pure energy.

AIR/THROAT CHAKRA – “Air is very important without which we will die. We cannot even breathe. It contains Prana.

AKASH/BRAIN CHAKRA – “The element is Akash or Ether that gives you thinking power.”

– Dr. Pillai

When you enroll in the Great Night of Shiva
program, you will receive:
  • Practice

    Member Website
    with Complete
  • Webcast

    4 Webcast Videos
    by Dr. Pillai, One
    for Each Kala (Time
    Unit) of the Great
    Night of Shiva
  • Downloadable

    Meditation, and
    Mantra Audios
  • Transcripts

    PDF Transcripts of
    All Audios

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