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Hayagreeva: Archetype of Divine Knowledge

Tap Into Your Super-intelligence & Darkness-Destroying Wisdom with Dr. Pillai’s


Archetype of Divine Knowledge Course

The Hayagreeva: Archetype of Divine Knowledge course was designed to transform your human consciousness and manifest your desired life.


This is the knowledge that can’t be told …

Hayagreeva’s main powertimes are the day of the Full Moon in August (called Sravana-Paurnami) and on Mahanavami, the ninth day of the Navaratri festival (Nine Nights of the Goddess).

Hayagreeva, a very rare incarnation of Wealth Archetype Vishnu, the preserver of the cosmic order. He’s depicted with a human body and a horse’s head. He’s brilliant white in color, with white garments, and sits on a white lotus. He is worshipped as the God of knowledge and wisdom.

Symbolically, he represents the triumph of pure knowledge, guided by the hand of God, over the demonic forces of passion and darkness. He is most commonly worshipped along with his consort, Lakshmi.

Hayagreeva incarnated on Earth to rescue the sacred teachings in the Vedas from demons who stole them. He’s also the Guru of Saraswati, Goddess Archetype of knowledge, wisdom, and the arts.

Reaching out to Hayagreeva, and connecting with him, can help you tap into your vast super-intelligence that destroys ignorance and perception errors caused by passion.

The Hayagreeva: Archetype of Divine Knowledge Course is designed to take you through this process step-by-step.

Dr. Pillai Speaks on Hayagreeva

When You Enroll, You Will Receive

1) Hayagreeva Teachings from Dr. Pillai

Teachings and information from Dr. Pillai designed to deepen your knowledge of Vishnu’s Hayagreeva Incarnation, how to connect with his transformative powers, the astrological significance of his powertimes, and much more.

2. Daily Meditation Practice

Daily meditation practice instructions and suggestions for making the deepest connection possible with the energy of this wise incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the protector of the Universe.

3. Meditation & Mantra Audios

Meditation and mantra loop audios to aid you in carrying out your daily practice for connecting with and receiving the super-intelligence and wisdom of Hayagreeva.

4. Bonus Content

Additional resources and bonus content to help you get to know Hayagreeva, and his vast intelligence, on an even deeper level, thus further strengthening your connection to his wisdom and guidance.

5. Support

Program support from experienced Pillai Center teachers and team members.

** While you can enroll in and benefit from this course at any time throughout the year, Hayagreeva’s energy is extra strong and accessible on the August Full Moon day, and during the conclusion of the 9 Nights of the Goddess.

dr pillai

Your Teacher

Dr. Pillai is a spiritual scientist, academic scholar, philanthropist, and world thought leader dedicated to the study of Mind Science. Through the combination of both the Western and ancient Yogis’ understanding of the brain, Dr. Pillai provides the world with uncommon solutions to common modern day challenges.

#1 New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Wayne Dyer’s addresses Dr. Pillai as ‘One of the Most Enlightened Beings on the Planet’, has featured his methods in “I can see clearly” and lovingly dedicated his breakthrough book “Manifest Your Destiny” to Dr. Pillai, a.k.a. Guruji.

Enroll in the Hayagreeva: Archetype of Divine Knowledge Course



” You will understand what the Horse can do to you. What I’m talking about is not simply the animal, but the Archetype that can give you the highest consciousness beyond your imagination.

I’m committed to empowering the human consciousness—through the evolution of human consciousness—to Divine Consciousness.

This will be accomplished by this Horse Avatar, Hayagreeva, of Vishnu.”— Dr. Pillai

Tap into Your Super-Intelligence andDarkness-Destroying Powers

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