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Light Body Activation, Level 2

Course Reviews

  1. kent

    Best and most interesting meditative routine I have encountered.

  2. kent

    I have meditated off and on for the last 40 years. This is completely different as it works directly in my body and I look forward to my meditation each morning.

  3. George Ekow

    Very effective techniques taught by Babaji any one wanting to be on the part must have.

  4. George Ekow

    Very effective techniques un comparable to my meditational practices since 1979

  5. aquamarin

    I missed out on level one, very infromative and many of the mantras/practices I found in other courses as well. Followed the instructions and mus say I got a very deep understanding what it is all about. Would realy reccommend it to understand “light/Light body” and what this can do for us, which we all need to evolve.