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Light Body Activation


From: Dr. Pillai
Light Body Activation Program

You don’t have to wait for money to come, money can come right now provided if you have more light within yourself.When you vibrate with light, then you’ll be able to work faster because the light vibrates fast. And that happens quite naturally, you don’t do anything, because you put more and more light into it because the sounds, the mantras that are used, will generate more light inside the brain, and the brain will work faster.

This program gives you a 200% life– takes care of your material needs and also takes care of your evolutionary needs of turning the body into light. So I want you to participate in this program, and I wish you well and personally extend my invitation to you to join.


Experience The 3 Steps To Ultimate Evolution

test_1Pete Craig, UK

“It’s difficult to imagine that so much can change in just one day. Since practicing the Core Light Body Technique, I’ve felt an incredible sense of clarity around all I do. I feel recharged, invigorated with life, childlike again, even though I’m now in my forties. Deadlines with work and the stresses usually associated with them simply don’t exist, everything is effortless and no matter how much or how little time I think I have it’s always enough! I can only imagine how much my life will continue to transform for I already feel so much has changed and it’s only been a few days!”

test_1Saj P., Uk

“Since using Dr. Pillai’s Core Light Body Technique, my life has been greatly enhanced and continues to grow every day at the light speed. Aches and pains in my body have disappeared, relationships have become stronger and my businesses are moving forward in amazing ways! I feel totally blessed to have learned this powerful technique.”

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Receive When You Join Light Body Activation Program Today:
  • Access To Light Body Activation Program Member area
  • Video of Dr. Pillai’s Core Light Body Technique
  • A Guide To Your Daily Routine for Spiritual and Material Growth
  • The Secret Siddha Practice for Attracting Wealth
  • Knowledge of The Powerful Siddha Herb To Raise Consciousness
  • Video of Dr. Pillai’s Powerful NEW Karma Dissolving Technique
  • Daily Karma Dissolving Technique [Audio]
  • 2 Daily Meditation Practice Videos
  • 2 Daily Meditation Practice Audios
  • Complete Video and Audio Transcripts
  • Practice Reference Guide
Seven Bonus Mantra’s Inclusive in the Program
  • Remove Obstacles In Life
  • Create A Disease Free Body
  • The Greatest Mantra for Light Body
  • Provide Strength and Energy
  • Remove The Constraints of Time
  • Protection Meditation by Dr. Pillai
  • Receive Dr. Pillai’s Help and Support
  • Bring More Light and Consciousness Into Your Body

These teachings are ONLY accessible to Dr. Pillai’s one year Light Body Program with a value of $9,000.

Access the core Light Body technique, and this all inclusive program for $147


Course Reviews

  1. Harry

    The course is easy to understand, it has a lot of valuable information in it.

  2. Harry

    This is a great course with a lot of valuable information. The lessons are easy to understand.

  3. sean

    This program has helped me to tap into the vast light, that is always there shining on us and through us. Through Dr. Pillai’s mantras and meditations I’ve been able to tap into higher levels of mind, and more powerful manifestations. Thank you!

  4. Annette

    I have not finished the course yet – but I enjoy every second of it – I´ll come back when I have finished – if I ever finish I find new things and thoughts coming each time I continue. Also I feel everything thinking deciding and things coming to me by thoughts is so fast running that I have to stop and enjoy it again and again. Wonderful course. Annette