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Course Curriculum

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Fire Labs + Coaching
Coaching with Gita: Prepare Yourself to Receive Power Through Fire
Fire Lab 1: Planting Seeds for Vitality, Harmony, and Prosperity
Fire Lab 2: Remove Obstacles of Karmic Suffering and Gain Self Esteem
Fire Lab 3: Triple Krishna Powertime
Fire Lab 4: Manifesting the Joy of Wealth
Fire Lab 5: Destroying Enemies of the Mind to Manifest Auspiciousness
Coaching with Gita: How to Create an Intimate Relationship with the Divine
Fire Lab 6: The Power of Greatness
Fire Lab 7: Powerful Partnerships for Prosperity and Wealth Accumulation
Fire Lab 8: Radha Krishna Grace to Manifest the Fruits of Life
Fire Lab 11: Royal Wealth and Fame
Fire Lab 12: Healing Karmic Debt
New Moon Fire Lab
Grand Fifth Moon celebratory Firelab to Goddess Varahi
The Importance of Ganesha
Ganesha: Remover of Obstacles
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Mini Fire Lab Instructions
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