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Midbrain Miracle Method

The Science Behind the Art of Manifestation and Creating Miracles

Introducing a new groundbreaking online course that teaches you science behind miracles, and provides you with practical meditations, ancient sound technologies and brain activation techniques to cultivate miracles in your daily life.

Experience this powerful FREE Midbrain Activation now!

What is a Miracle?

A miracle is anything from receiving the exact amount of money you need, at the exact moment you need it, to being in the right place at the right time, to physical healing of something doctors said was impossible. You could say a miracle is something that happens outside the realm of logic, something that doesn’t fit into the framework of what we’ve been told is possible. Despite being unexplainable, it’s hard to deny their existence. Midbrain Miracle Method is a step-by-step process that will allow you to activate the powerful midbrain under the guidance of Dr. Pillai, a world-renowned Spiritual Teacher, Humanitarian and Siddha Master, working within the principles of brain science and ancient wisdom to cultivate miracles and make significant changes in your life.


Understanding the Science of Miracles

We’ve all got a plan in our minds of what we want to happen, the ways that we need to heal, the dreams that we want to fulfill, the relationships we want to create. But the mind is very different from the brain. You may not be aware, but a part of your brain called the neo-cortex is disallowing anything instantaneous or miraculous to happen in your life.
The neo-cortex is a limiting brain, which makes sense, as the neo-cortex’s main job is to maintain control, which is essential in human life; however, it is the opposite of spontaneity and miraculous occurrences. The midbrain, which is beginning to be more comprehensively understood by scientists, is the part of the brain that can give us access to miracles.

“Miracles are easy, it is a matter of moving your attention from the frontal lobe to the midbrain.”


Neo-Cortex Kills Miracles
Your Neo-Cortex controls your higher order functions, planning, reasoning, judgement, impulses, memory and motor functions. In fact, much of our brain function happens in this area of the brain – the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, the temporal lobe and the occipital lobe.


Midbrain Creates Miracles
The midbrain is vitally important to maintaining and regulating the state of consciousness, alertness and attention. The midbrain contains the physical pineal gland, which has similar features to the retina in our eyes and is also a replica of what Siddhas call the third eye.
The Midbrain includes the pons, reticular activating system, the pituitary gland, and the 3rd ventricle. The pineal gland and the surrounding area in the midbrain is where our connection to higher thought and reality is.
When these areas are activated we open ourselves up to the extraordinary and welcome events that begin to manifest in our lives. You should expect miracles every day. If you don’t expect a miracle… it will not happen.

Your Teacher

Dr. Pillai is a spiritual scientist, academic scholar, philanthropist, and world thought leader dedicated to the study of Mind Science. Through the combination of both the Western and ancient Yogis’ understanding of the brain, Dr. Pillai provides the world with uncommon solutions to common modern day challenges.
#1 New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Wayne Dyer’s addresses Dr. Pillai as ‘One of the Most Enlightened Beings on the Planet’, has featured his methods in “I can see clearly” and lovingly dedicated his breakthrough book “Manifest Your Destiny” to Dr. Pillai, a.k.a. Guruji.

About the Course:
The Midbrain Miracle Method Focuses on Holistically Activating Five Key Areas To Transform Your Life.

Throughout this Midbrain Miracle Method journey you will be receiving practical teachings from Dr. Pillai on how to make miracles a part of your everyday life. Each teaching will be reinforced with daily Siddha practices and mediations, along with access to Teacher Commentaries from Pillai Center teachers on how to apply these techniques to your modern life. Most importantly, Dr. Pillai will give three life-transformational initiations that will energetically unlock the midbrain and awaken your divine consciousness.
The intention of this course is to build a solid practice that helps you tap into the potential of your midbrain through daily meditations and powerful initiations from Dr. Pillai so that you begin to consciously create miracles of health, love, creativity, timelessness, and divinity. About the modules:

1. Activate Health

You will learn to open yourself and invite restoration from illness. Imagine feeling and looking well again and engaging in life to the fullest.

2. Activate Love/Relationship

You will learn how to attract and experience the highest form of love in your life. To resolve the loneliness and abandonment you feel – and open your heart.

3. Activate Creativity

You’ll discover ways to tap into your own divinity, to find places of unlimited, effortless creativity. The program will allow your ideas to flow and give you the courage to channel them into business opportunities.

4. Activate Timelessness

You’ll receive the knowledge you need to transcend time and make instantaneous changes in your life. By discovering the power of thought manifestation you can begin to create a life full of the things you’ve always wanted.

5. Activate Divinity

Divinity is the ultimate ability to move from a limited reality to a limitless life. The program will show the pathway to Siddhi consciousness (miracle consciousness), and give you the ability to perform any miracle using your midbrain. It will empower you to create a life free of suffering. You can create the life you want with your own brain.
This final segment will integrate all of the teachings from Dr. Pillai and teach you how to move forward with the practice of Miracle Mastery and creating miracles in your everyday life.

The Results:
  • The ability to invite healing for physical and psychological ailments – including stress, depression and chronic pain.
  • To open yourself to fulfilling relationships with others that are totally based on the highest love. True love is rare to be experienced.
  • Creativity. You’ll begin to think outside the box and have more success with whatever you want to accomplish, effortlessly.
  • Timelessness. Being able to take thoughts and bring them to life. Having the power to make changes in your life NOW, without having to wait.
  • Knowing your true self, to know the life you were meant to lead, and how to manifest it.The power is already inside you. Let Dr. Pillai show you how to access it.
What’s Included in the program?

I. Powerful Initiations from Dr. Pillai
II. 5-Downloadable Activation Modules:

– Health
– Love
– Creativity
– Timelessness
– Divinity

Each module includes:
– Videos
– Downloadable Practice Audios
– Worksheets & Text Companions
– Daily Practice Instructions
– Supplemental Teacher Commentaries
– Special Siddha Techniques

III. Ongoing Practice of Miracle Mastery
– How to integrate your Midbrain Miracle practice into your daily life on an ongoing basis.

Investment $297

What People Are Saying


I found Dr. Pillai’s introduction to the Initiation really set the stage for me. There seems to be much more internal openness and a feeling of expectancy after each practice session. Many Thanks to the Entire Team!


The result has been heightened intuition, increased intelligence and creativity, greater awareness, and the ability to see some of my manifestations come to life. The sounds given by Dr. Pillai are transforming my life in every way.

Our Commitment

If the technologies in the Midbrain Miracle Method program don’t work for you, we invite you to contact us within 14-days of your original purchase for a refund so that you may continue your search to find the program that allows you to find the path to manifestation and miracles that brings you the joy and abundance that is the birthright for all beings on this planet.

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