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Muruga Immersion Program



A Program Guided by Muruga Himself

“I am going to immerse people in different aspects of removing karma and being in union with Muruga. This is a program which I did not do, but which Muruga himself did. I have prayed to Muruga that he bring as many souls as possible to benefit from this exclusive Muruga Immersion program.” — Dr. Pillai

Muruga told Dr. Pillai that he wanted to dissolve the karma of all the people via a retreat during his six-day powertime, Skanda Shasti 2018.

Following Muruga’s guidelines, Dr. Pillai organized a retreat at his Swamimalai powerspot. According to legend, Muruga is said to have taught the secrets of OM to his father, Shiva, in Swamimalai. After receiving the secrets, Shiva accepted his son as his teacher.

Who is Muruga

Muruga, the Spiritual Warrior Archetype who represents 3rd Eye awakening and human evolution, has a vested interest in planet Earth and its people.

Born out of the 3rd Eye of Shiva, the Ultimate Karma Removal Archetype, Muruga also dissolves karma with piercing spiritual intelligence. His weapon is the Vel, a type of lance given to him by the Goddess to defeat internal enemies.

“The midbrain is, by and large, completely inactive. When it becomes active, then the human becomes the Divine. Then miracles become quite a normal happening. We are all capable of that. This time of the year is very important because Muruga fights against ignorance. He’s a representation of the pineal gland. The pineal gland can give us wisdom that transcends time and space.” — Dr. Pillai


What Does the Muruga Immersion Program Include?


Third Eye initiations by Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai will provide initiations to awaken the 3rd Eye. Initiations are subtle energy transmissions, that infuse the teachings on a deep experiential level, the level of the soul. That way, you don’t have to rely on theoretical understanding alone.


Awakening of 6 Chakras

Muruga’s six heads, and his six powerspots in India, correspond with six parts of the human brain and six chakras in the human subtle body. In the recordings you will receive, Dr. Pillai will lead you through the chakra activation process associated with these Muruga powerspots: There is a distinct meditation technique for each one.

  • Palani
  • Thiruchendur
  • Swamimalai
  • Thirupparamkunram
  • Palamudir Cholai
  • Thirutani

Karma-Busting Meditations

Dr. Pillai says, “Muruga is the God who can remove your karma. This Vel is not just a weapon. It is a device that cleanses your soul and your karma.” In the program, Dr. Pillai will teach you how to vanquish internal enemies and karmic thought impressions using the Vel, Muruga’s weapon.


Red Light Meditation to Remove Disease Consciousness

You will learn the cleansing Red Light Meditation to remove disease consciousness. During the guided meditation, Dr. Pillai will install a red light into the different areas of the body. By penetrating the body with the red light so that it gets into every cell, you are affecting not just the physical body, but the astral and causal bodies as well. Dr. Pillai explains further, “This is the nuclear medicine of the highest order. You are diffusing diseases and the memory responsible for aging stored in your DNA.”


Mantra for Miracle Consciousness & Supernormal Powers

Dr. Pillai taught sacred sounds to stop the mind. When you stop the mind, miracles become possible. He explains, “Everyone has the ability to speak a word and manifest. When you don’t do anything, everything will happen. Things are not happening because you are doing. You are stopping things by trying to do things. The Vel (Muruga’s weapon) will stop the mind. The mind is karma. Silence your speech, it will silence your mind. If you stop the words, you become incredibly powerful. You will still use the same language, but from a different state of consciousness.”


Re-enactment to Embody Muruga’s Living Mythology & Destroy Demons

Dr. Pillai explains, “When killing the demons, you are killing your negative qualities. You are killing scarcity consciousness, disease consciousness, and bad relationship consciousness. You are transforming yourself into Muruga.”
He continues, “If you can incarnate some Deity, even momentarily, it will do you a lot of good. It can change your consciousness. It can change your brain. It can change your body. As a result… you can develop the quality of the God.”


Lifetime Access to the Membership Site

You will have full access to the teachings, audios, replays, and transcripts for life through Pillai Center Academy.


Lifetime Email Support

You will be able to ask questions about the program and get real answers.

What People Are Saying About Dr. Pillai’s Muruga Courses & Initiations


“This was a life-changing event for me. I watched online. One minute I was crying, then seemingly in pain, then I saw my blue eyes turn brown. I was killing demons with my Vel… I am speechless at how real it was for me even though I was on the other side of the world. Thank you all who made this possible. We need a Vel emoji now.”

Donna Evans


“I was watching this online but truly believed that I was there in person. The past weekend was a real spiritual thriller in a positive sense. I felt like a kid riding on a rollercoaster. Didn’t expect anything and received everything.”

Katja Virta


“What a divine blessing this all has been. Immense gratitude to the whole Pillai Center team for making this livestream possible for us viewers! Immense gratitude to Lord Muruga, Karupaswamy, and beautiful Babaji!”

Linda Arsenio

Course Reviews

  1. Ricardo

    I was deliciously surprised by the vast amount of content, variety and unexpected additions. My hat off to Pillai Center staff for all the work performed. I *really* felt as I was there in person.

  2. Pramila

    something has changed within me