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Muruga: Pleiadian God of Wisdom

Activate Your Brain for Intuition and the
Ability to Command Reality

Through the Intervention of the Pleiadian God Muruga

Problems? Blame it On Your Brain.

Blame it on the brain is applicable to everyone, and to every area of life. If your relationship goes
wrong, blame it on the brain. If you are not able to make money, blame it on the brain. And if you are not
able to enjoy yourself, blame it on the brain. The brain is the root cause for everything, it controls your
life. You have to de-limit your brain, and bring it to full functioning.

Open Your 3rd Eye & Unlock Your
Brain with Pleiadian Technology

Anatomically speaking, the 3rd Eye has been underused. The
calcification of the pineal gland, which is the 3rd Eye, takes place
at a very young age. We need a technology to awaken it, and the
technology is from the God of the Pleiades, Muruga. Awakening
the brain and the 3rd Eye is awakening Muruga. The 6 parts of the
brain represent the 6 Faces of Muruga. Once you awaken them
you will understand that you have a tremendous amount of

Can You Really Awaken a God Within You?

This seems to be a strange concept, but this is the right understanding of Godhead within the Indian
Tradition. You can literally “birth” a God within you. Gods and Goddesses have to be understood in
terms of your neuro-anatomy, neuro-physiology, and also as elements, as much as they are understood
in anthropomorphic forms.

Meet Muruga, the God of the Pleiades

Muruga, also known by various names such as Kartikeya, Subramanya, and Skanda, is considered a Supreme Archetype in the Siddha tradition. It is said he is the perfect synthesis of masculine and divine energy, representing both pure consciousness and matter in one form.

  • As the Guru to his own Father, Shiva, he is the God of wisdom.
  • As Lord of Kundalini (Vel), he is the God of supernormal powers and enlightenment.
  • As the Archetype of all 6 parts of the brain, he is the God of supreme intelligence.
  • As the General of the Divine Army, He is the God who defeats karmic forces of suffering and limitation.
  • As the author and personification of OM, Muruga is the God of all mantras and their power.
  • As the embodiment of compassion and mercy, Muruga is the God of Divine Love.

The most important thing to know about Muruga, is that His consciousness already exists within you. You just have to activate, or “birth” it.


About Dr. Pillai

Dr. Baskaran Pillai, also known as Dattatreya Siva Baba or Siva Baba, is an accomplished master of the Tamil Siddha tradition and one of the first of his lineage to bring secretive knowledge of the Tamil Siddhas to the West. Wayne Dyer was the first celebrity to follow and publicize Pillai’s manifestation teachings through his book, Manifest your Destiny, which he dedicated to Dr. Pillai. Dr. Pillai has a very personal connection with Muruga, attributing him as being his guiding force, responsible for every miracle, fortune, and intelligence he has received.

No One Like Dr. Pillai

“Dr. Pillai’s courses are invaluable to mankind and there’s no one better who can connect you with Muruga like him. It’s definitely life changing and the change is permanent.”
— Karthik

Receive Initation to Birth Muruga Within

In the Muruga: Pleiadian God of Wisdom program you will receive access to 3 modules that
will teach you how to birth Muruga and give you access to his power.

Module 1: Introduction to Muruga

Receive an introduction to the Muruga Archetype where you will learn:

  • Muruga’s legend
  • His symbols
  • And in-depth astrological information about his powertimes
Module 2: Dr. Pillai Lecture and Initiation

Access a webcast from Dr. Pillai where you receive:

  • Teachings from Dr. Pillai to access Muruga’s power
  • Initiation into 4 mantras
  • Mantra 1 – Can give you access the sum total of intelligence for automatic intuition and ability to command reality
  • Mantra 2 – Can give you Muruga’s brain, activating super-intelligence, non-depleting joy, and freedom from thinking and forgetting
  • Mantra 3 – Can give you access to Muruga’s wisdom, powers, and your ability to see him
  • Mantra 4 – Can give you Muruga’s primordial intelligence to know things instantaneously without words or symbols
  • 3 progressive daily practice guides from beginner to advanced
  • And audio and transcript downloads
Module 3: Bonus Information

In the bonus module you’ll receive:

  • Information about Muruga’s Psychic Weapon Vel, and how to wield it
  • Knowledge about Muruga’s sacred geometry (yantra) and how to use it
  • An overview of Muruga spiritual remedies
  • A Muruga Quick guide with tips on how to access him
  • And supplementary videos and audios including:
  • Muruga’s mantra for removing obstacles and creating unlimited positivity
  • Muruga’s mantra for immortality
  • A guided meditation on Muruga’s psychic weapon Vel
  • And more information about Muruga’s powertimes and Archetype

“If you have Muruga’s Grace, you will get into Miracles instantaneously.”
— Dr. Pillai

Take Advantage of This Opportunity

To birth Muruga within your consciousness reclaiming your Divine Birthright for experiencing God’s
intelligence and power. You don’t have to struggle, you don’t have to suffer, you just need to birth

You can birth him during different stars and powertimes throughout the year, however his birthday
on May 27th, 2018 is specifically for this purpose and very important for you.

Take advantage of this opportunity by receiving initiation from Dr. Pillai in the Muruga: Pleiadean God
of Wisdom, and experience the miracle of Muruga-consciousness. Click the button below to get

“You will be fully energized, not with knowledge, but with wisdom. Not with any limitation,
but with a feeling of limitless, endless wisdom and happiness. We are grateful to this
Pleiadian God, of Wisdom Muruga for his compassion towards human beings.”
— Dr. Pillai

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