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Navaratri: 9 Nights of the Goddess




Recieve Exclusive Initiation
& Meditation from Dr. Pillai

The Energy of the Goddess is truly life-transforming. 
It is She who embodies super-intelligence and the highest creative power. 
By cultivating a sincere connection with this supportive Feminine Energy, you can
“spring clean” your karma, and make lasting positive changes in your life.  

 “Female Power is the most powerful
Energy. Beauty, expansion, fertility, joy, abundance – all these are qualities
of the Feminine. It is only available during certain configurations of celestial
timing. Yogis eagerly watch for this time to be in harmony with the power of the
Mother Goddess.” 
Dr. Pillai

Through the Navaratri Program, Dr. Pillai
guides you on how to connect with the Divine Energies of Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi,
and Saraswati over the course of nine nights* to enable you to:

  • Rid yourself of negativity such as
    ignorance, fear, depression, jealousy, anger, poverty consciousness, and anything
    that doesn’t serve your highest purpose.

  • Receive the power of presence, confidence, and purpose.
  • Receive a wealth of wisdom, intelligence,
    and creative energy.

  • Become open to material abundance and continued spiritual growth.
  • Activate your highest consciousness to
    help you fulfil your highest potential.

*While this program can be used
at any time throughout the year
it is most effective when followed during
the two Navaratri periods of the year: Spring (Vasant Navaratri) and Fall (Ashwin
Navaratri). These two sets fo 9 nights are the times when the Goddess Energy is
available in greatest abundance on the earth plane, to plant the seeds of renewal,
creation, and prosperity, particularly within those who connect to Her with sincerity
and devotion.

Included in the program are exclusive video and audio teachings, techniques, and
meditations for invoking the Goddess Energy in your life, along with solid guidance
and instruction to keep you engaged with the program for maximum karmic spring cleaning
and a brand-new destiny laid out before you.

Goddess is an Archetype and she responds to your prayer.”

Dr. Pillai


  • Introductory teachings about each
    of the 3 Goddesses: Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati.
  • Information about the importance of the two yearly Navaratri
    periods for accessing Goddess Energy.

  • Daily meditation practice instruction and suggestions for effectively tapping
    into Goddess Energy.

  • Instructions for performing a pooja (ceremony of honor or devotion) for each of
    the 3 Goddesses at home, with the video guidance of a Vedic priest. 
  • Teachings and meditations delivered by
    video and audio files for easy access both online and offline.
  • Mantra loop audio files and additional
    video and text resources to gather as much Goddess Energy as you’re able to truly
    turn your life around.

“The Goddess has ultimate compassion
for human beings, especially during this Navaratri time, so we can wake up to an
understanding of our own capabilities to live the full consciousness, because our
senses delude us.”
Dr. Pillai

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