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PTP 2 Finances

Through his Personal Transformation Program (PTP) Finances course, Dr. Pillai shares tools from his ancient and powerful tradition to assist you in achieving significant changes in your finances and money consciousness.

Everything in our manifested world has emerged from ‘nada’ or sound. Mantras are universal sound frequencies that were discovered by the yogis of India in the deepest states of meditation. Meditating on mantras takes the practitioner inside the fathomless layers of the unconscious. When transformation happens at the level of the unconscious, one’s physical reality and life circumstances also change for the better.

PTP’s 30-day Finance Course

is designed to help you change your money consciousness and increase your finances and overall abundance so you’re better able to live a happier, more fulfilled, more energetic life.

Astrologically, the most optimal time to begin this course is around May 14/15 each year, though you can benefit from studying and practicing the techniques at any time of the year.

When you purchase this course, you will receive:

Transformation Tips

To Make the Most of Dr. Pillai’s Teachings


  • Teachings (16-minute audio and PDF transcript)
  • Guided Meditation (19-minute audio and PDF transcript)
  •  Mantra Audio Loop
  • Text Companion


  • How to Implement Dr. Pillai’s Teachings
  • How to Establish a Daily Practice


From Others Who Have Benefited from the PTP Program

Dr. Pillai is a spiritual scientist, academic scholar, philanthropist, and world thought leader dedicated to the study of Mind Science. Through the combination of both the Western and ancient Yogis’ understanding of the brain, Dr. Pillai provides the world with uncommon solutions to common modern day challenges.

#1 New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Wayne Dyer addresses Dr. Pillai as ‘One of the Most Enlightened Beings on the Planet’, has featured his methods in “I can see clearly” and lovingly dedicated the breakthrough book “Manifest Your Destiny” to Dr. Pillai, a.k.a. Guruji.

Course Reviews

  1. Sasha

    Thank you kindly for you kind generous help and the affordable price of this course. It supports my peace of mind

  2. Ruchi

    It is empowering course which makes your mind strong enough to transform.

  3. sajeev

    day 5 My guru Pranam

  4. kent

    I like Dr. Pillai’s courses very much.

  5. Maria de los Angeles

    Magic mantra,,,,,,,,,This chant transform your mental state,,calming your mind,,,,empowering your breath after doing it….Dr. Pillay is the Guru everysoul need to find to guide you to the highest state in this path life…..with he as Guru your soul will climb much steps for the next life……


    I liked it very much and good information for transformation. By luck i got the Guruji teachings on the you tube and which suited me the best way and i can do this. Thanks a lot for this kind of information for the seeker. God bless all.

  7. Anja

    Dear Dr. Pillai and all lovely Angels from the Pillai Center!

    This is just a short mail, to thank you for the PTP 2 Finances course! It is a gift from heaven! I am so deeply grateful to have found this, it is new, I feel so happy to have found it! It is affordable for me this way to be able to pay each month. I just started and already Love it.

    The mantras Shreem Brzee and Om Ganapataye Namaha have helped me find this course, my life is energetically already changing for the better. I also do the Ah Meditation since a few days, visualize money everywhere (plus the qualities of joy and freedom) and what happens… I stumble upon this course! Woohoo! How awesome is that!

    I am so grateful for all the wonderful things you do! I love it, that I can finally pay for a course 🙂 And as I grow I will manifest, so I can donate and do much more courses!