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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Quantum Mind Science
Practice for Success
Terms to Know
Study Materials
Quantum MindScience Self-Study E-book
Dr. Pillai on the Particle Mind
Energizing the Body
Introduction to Week 1
Energizing the Body – Meditation #1
Additional Reading 1
Practice Video Part 1
Organization Tips for Maximum Results
Heart: Seat of Particle Mind
Introduction to Week 2
Heart: Seat of Particle Mind – Meditation #2
Additional Reading 2
Practice Video Part 2
Bonus Topics
Brain Synchronization
Introduction to Week 3
Brain Synchronization – Meditation #3
Additional Reading 3
Practice Video Part 3
Bonus Topics
Combined Technique
Introduction to Week 4
Combined Technique Meditation #4
Additional Reading 4
Practice Video Part 4
Bonus Topics
Moving Forward
Continued Success