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Quantum Mind Science

“Your potential is limitless. The real capital is your own Consciousness.
Develop total mastery of your Mind. Mastering the Mind is mastering matter.”


Mind over Matter

What if you were not defined by your title, social status, spouse, parents, job, house, or car?

Creating your own destiny is all about discovering how to master your mind and committing to that process. This is the technology of goal manifestation – Mind over Matter.

The Yogis of India knew this very well, for these ‘inner scientists’ had discovered the hidden link between the human mind and the world.“Mind and matter collapse into one reality, at a very subtle level. You can acquire anything and everything you want by getting into this quantum level,” says Dr. Pillai, who has researched and personally experienced this subtle connection.


The First Step to Self Mastery

Self Study Course

It is possible to train yourself for success by clearly knowing what you want, entering into the Particle Mind, and then focusing only on that thought which
you want to bring into 3-dimensional reality.

The Quantum MindScience Self-Study course provides you with that extra support and encouragement to keep you energized and focused.

In just four weeks, you will be guided to use amazing tools and techniques that can enhance your ability to consciously create success.

Course Highlights include:

Learn the fundamentals of various techniques through Weekly LessonsPractice the techniques as per convenience via downloadable audios Build conceptual knowledge through easy-to-follow reading material Gain tangible benefits by following simple activities for daily mastery

4-Weeks to Inner and Outer Transformation

Program Overview

Week One: Body-Mind Awareness

Attention is energy. Start your practice by training the faculty of awareness. Heal every organ, cell and gene of your body with the power of super-focus.
Learn the most powerful technique, developed by Dr. Pillai for over 20 years.

Week Two: Heart-Brain Synergy

Intelligence resides in the heart. Empower your practice by tapping into the heart energy. Awaken your latent powers by moving the creative spark from the brain to the heart. Learn the highly secret sound given by Dr. Pillai to activate your manifesting potential.

Week Three: Twin-Brain Harmony

Mind creates matter. Accelerate your practice by balancing the left and the right brains. Think powerful thoughts by synchronizing both reasoning as well as intuitive abilities. Learn the dynamic mind process taught by Dr. Pillai for expanding your consciousness.

Week Four: Total Integration

You create your own reality. Consolidate your practice to transform your life ‘inside out’. Deepen your experience of the subtlest level of mind, where matter and energy collapse. Learn the combined meditation introduced by Dr. Pillai to begin to live the Quantum Mind.

“In the Golden Age, Quantum Mind will be studied by everyone.
The Quantum Mind is completely quiet. It is wordless.
At that level, there is infinite understanding and energy.
This is the birth right of every human being.”


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