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The Royal Power of Rama

Access The Unstoppable
Power Of The Royal Warrior

with Teachings & Meditations from Dr. Pillai to
Realize Your Self-Worth

The Royal Power of Rama | Incarnation of Vishnu

Rama, the 7th incarnation of the Archetype Vishnu, is the quintessence of mastering the seemingly
impossible. He sacrificed more than any other incarnation of Vishnu by absorbing human suffering in
its totality.

Rama is the personification of the highest form of purity, noble virtues, and utter triumph. There is
nothing this relentless warrior cannot do.
Rama’s positive energy can remove your most distressing
karmic thought patterns and replace them with mental peace and clarity, providing the pathway for an
unblocked flow of positive, goal-oriented thoughts.

If you want to improve your self-confidence and fully realize your royal innate self-worth, it is Rama
who can help.

“Rama is the in-dweller in everybody. He is the Source of Bliss (Atma-Rama) in every
individual. His blessing, surging from that inner spring, confers peace and bliss. He is the
very embodiment of Dharma, of all the codes of morality that hold mankind together in
love and unity.”
— Dr. Pillai

Tap into the Royal Energy of Rama’s Birthday Powertime with
Teachings from Dr. Pillai

Significance of Rama Navami |
Rama’s Birthday

The 9th Waxing Moon phase (Navami) of the Tamil month of
Chaitra is Rama Navami, a Hindu festival celebrated to
commemorate Rama’s birth. Vishnu incarnated as Rama to destroy
the otherwise invincible demon king, Ravana, who was creating
immense trouble for beings on the Earth plane and in the Spirit

During this powertime, Rama’s devotees read Ramayan (the story
of Rama written by Sage Valmiki), recite Rama’s mantras, sing
kirtans in praise of Rama and organize spiritual discourses on His

Rama Navami is the once-yearly powertime when Rama’s energy is most highly accessible for:

  • Gaining royalty consciousness, including higher self-esteem
  • Feeling immense joy
  • Purifying your mind of negative karmic thought patterns
  • Attaining victory in your most heartfelt endeavors

This and more can be achieved by immersing yourself in teachings and meditations from Enlightened
Master Dr. Baskaran Pillai in Pillai Center Academy’s program – The Royal Power of Rama.

“The 9th Waxing Moon (Rama Navami) is [Rama’s] birthday. Birthdays of Gods provide a link to them. Therefore, it is very important to meditate, worship or visit their temples on their birthday.”
— Dr. Pillai

Tap into the Royal Energy of Rama’s Birthday Powertime with
Teachings from Dr. Pillai

What’s Included in the Royal Power of Rama Program

When you enroll in the program, you will receive:

In-Depth Introduction to the Royal Power of the Rama Archetype

This includes information on the background and origins of the Rama Archetype, the significance of Rama Navami (Rama’s birthday powertime), plus bonus materials to further immerse yourself in Rama mythology. Deepen your knowledge of and connection to Rama with these valuable teachings.

Full Lecture Audio Download

You’ll have access to an audio recording of Dr. Pillai’s teachings on the Royal Power of Rama. Download and listen to these teaching anywhere. Recommended practice: sleep with the audio file on repeat or fill your daily commute with the power these teachings have to transform your consciousness.

Meditation and Mantra Loop Audio Downloads

You’ll have easy access to Dr. Pillai’s special meditations and mantra loop audio downloads for connecting with the Royal Power of Rama. Experience the power of guided meditations and mantra initiations developed and led by Enlightened Master Dr. Pillai.

PDF Transcripts of All Audios

A full transcript of each program audio is available to download and print for those who prefer reading Dr. Pillai’s teachings and meditations or to print out and follow along.

Daily Practice Recommendations

Make the most of your Rama initiations, teachings and meditations with our suggested daily practice recommendations, which can be used as a starting point to form a daily practice that suits your individual schedule and lifestyle.

Program Support via Email

Along with 24/7 program member site access, you’re welcome to send us an email to clarify any of the teachings included in the Royal Power of Rama program. We are happy to aid you in better understanding and applying them in your life for maximum results.

“In the Hindu tradition, they say you should say the name of God – Rama – all of the time.
Or you can write His name. Just write ‘Rama Jaya’ a million times. Once you do that, you
can get the power of all of the Gods and Goddesses who are in Rama, in the name of
‘Rama, Rama, Rama.’ It’s a tremendously powerful sound.”
— Dr. Pillai

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