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Secret Teachings of Jesus

From Dr. Pillai – Scholar Mystic, Founder of Pillai Center

Discover How To Access The Ancient Power Of Miracles With The Secret Teachings Of Jesus On
This Exclusive Webcast

Watch this short video below to learn more about these
exclusive teachings from Jesus…

“Jesus is still here. Not only is he in Heaven, but he is also here. He came here exclusively to teach about the body and how the body is bondage. He came to give eternal freedom …”

In the Secret Teachings of Jesus on-demand webcast, learn how to create miracles in your life as Dr. Pillai reveals lost teachings of Jesus, including:

  • why he came to the earth plane,
  • what he did during his lifetime,
  • and the true meaning of his teachings on the Holy Spirit

“Who is the Holy Spirit and can we understand it? It’s very important to reflect on that …”

When Jesus left his body, he said, ‘I’m going to send you a comforter who will be with you forever.’

That comforter is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is often referred to as the Holy Breath.”

The Power of Jesus’ Name and the Symbolism of the Cross and Blood

In Dr. Pillai’s on-demand webcast, you will also learn how to access the power of miracle creation through:

  • Jesus’ name,
  • the symbolism of the cross and Jesus’ blood,
  • and the teachings of sacrifice found in the Old Testament books of the bible

Dr. Pillai’s teachings on Jesus are meant to empower you. Invite Dr. Pillai, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to guide you toward creating miracles in your life.

With this On-Demand Webcast, You Will Receive

1. Full Webcast Video

You’ll have access to Dr. Pillai’s complete message, including guided meditation to put Jesus’ secret teachings on manifestation to powerful effect in your life.

2.Full Webcast Audio Download

Listen to Dr. Pillai’s teaching anywhere. Recommended practice: sleep with the audio file on repeat or fill your daily commute with sacred knowledge with the power to transform your consciousness.

3.Meditation Audio Download

Enjoy easy access to Dr. Pillai’s special meditation for connecting with the Holy Spirit and the blessings of Jesus. Experience the power of a guided meditation developed and led by Dr. Pillai, recorded during Jesus’ powertime.

4.PDF Transcript of the Webcast

A full transcript is available to download and print for those who prefer reading Dr. Pillai’s teachings or to print out and follow along.

Discover the Ancient Power of Miracles Through the Secret Teachings of Jesus

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What People Are Saying …

I highly recommend this course to anyone, who wants to get closer to Jesus and Holy Spirit. Those teachings include very uplifting and beautiful spiritual meditation and breathing
techniques, which can be used daily and which bring amazing results. Thank you dr Pillai for this amazing course, I’m very grateful.


This course got me a much deeper understanding of Jesus, which opened doors for me. I always had some tendency towards Jesus but got stuck in teachings and understanding due to [religious] thought in school—Jesus is so much more and that was an eye-opener for me. I really liked this course and my feeling towards Jesus got much deaper. This made me very happy.


Thank you, I use the techniques here to heal people in my personal massage therapy work. Jay Gurudeva!


This course has made me settled as a christian taking all the courses offered by Dr. Pillai.

It has relieved me to diligently follow the part I am now pursuing especially praying for help from Ganesha as not being adultery.

I got this message from my thought process when calling on Ganesha and makes me feel at peace. Thank you so much Baba.

George Ekow

Very powerful course. Thank you from my heart.


The Holy Spirit Meditation is very powerful. You will feel at ease and everything will be effortless. Thank you, great work!


“For me, the message of Jesus and how we remember him is to understand his true teachings.”

Discover the Ancient Power of Miracles Through the Secret Teachings of Jesus

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