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Siddhi Powers


What is
a Siddhi Power?

Dr. Pillai’s Siddha Lineage

The 5 Modules of the Siddhi Powers Program

What’s Included in the Course?

Psychic Powers Are Latent within Everyone

Psychic powers, known as “Siddhi Powers” in the Yogic tradition have
been documented and demonstrated by meditation experts for thousands
of years. While some people are born with access to certain Psychic abilities,
EVERYONE can develop them. They are inherent in all, but dormant for most.
The key is your ability to consciously access your subconscious
and unconscious mind.

What is a Siddhi Power?

A Siddhi Power pertains to abilities that most people would perceive as supernatural and miraculous, when in fact are perfectly normal to human beings. Although they have been relegated to legend
or myth in the West, they are being taught and developed in certain Eastern Yogic traditions to this
very day. In essence, Siddhi Powers represent extrasensory perception and the ability to think and
manifest information, matter, and results at various degrees, depending on the level of development. Examples include:

Healing diseases or injuries

Manifesting uni-dimensional thoughts into three dimensional reality

Knowing things before they happen

Channeling divine beings and accessing divine wisdom

Knowing past, present, and future information from objects, people, and places.

Ability to communicate with animals, plants, and inanimate objects

Stepping outside of time to be in more than one place simultaneously

Attraction of relationship,
money, fame, and material

There are Literally hundreds if not thousands of different Sindhis, and they can potentially be developed with the proper foundational training you will learn in this course.

Dr. Pillai’s Siddha Lineage

In Siddhi Powers, Enlightened Siddha Master Dr. Pillai will initiate you into the secrets of “Vibhuti Pada,” the third chapter of the world renowned “Yoga Sutras” written by the Father of Yoga, Patanjili. Vibhuti Pada is totally dedicated to the science of miracles and the systematic development of Siddhi Powers. Dr. Pillai himself is an Enlightened Master of a many thousands of years old Siddha-lineage who have a legacy of Siddhi mastery at the highest levels. Experiencing Enlightenment while still a boy, he has experienced and lived the supernatural from a very young age. Where many Yogic teachers are limited to theory and philosophy, Dr. Pillai teaches only what he has realized,
experienced, and mastered in his own life.

“Within the human mind there is a part that can do miracles. That part of the mind, within us, is called the “God Mind.” God is not just sitting up there in heaven. He is also sitting right there within our brain.”

The 5 Modules of the Siddhi Powers Program

1. Stopping the mind and channeling.

The first and all important step of awakening Siddhi consciousness is stopping the mind. The mind is the barrier that blocks our ability to access the subconscious and unconscious mind. In this module, you learn Patanjili’s sutra and technique to stop the mind, and how to channel Archetypes, or Divine beings.

3. Defining the 4 levels of concentration.

In Patanjili’s Yoga Sutras, he outlines 4 levels of concentration that take you deeper and deeper into the subconscious and unconscious mind. In scientific terms, it is taking you from the alpha level to theta and delta. When you combine all 4 levels it is known as “Samyama.” In this module, Dr. Pillai gives the sounds and their meanings for the 4 steps of concentration as taught by Patanjili.

5. Accessing Divine Wisdom and Identity

In this module, Dr. Pillai gives two advanced Siddhi mantras that can be interchanged using module 3 and 4’s foundational practice “Samyama.” The first gives you a special cognition that allows you to know everything hidden and remote. The second allows you to merge with Divine consciousness, or God-head.

2. Acquiring grace, faith, and Siddhi consciousness.

As Jesus said in the Bible, with faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. The Yogis believe that is literally true. Faith is the force of unwavering positivity, free of all doubts, that is required to access Siddhi consciousness. In the Yogic tradition, Faith is something that is given by three divine beings: Guru (remover of darkness/ignorance), Goddess (personification of Siddhi), God (divine identity). In this module, you learn how
to access these three divine powers to acquire grace, faith, and Siddhi consciousness.

4. Applying the 4 levels of concentration.

In this module, Dr. Pillai builds on module 3 by teaching you how to how to apply all 4 levels of concentration to acquire health, money, relationship, and God consciousness (omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence) Siddhi Powers.

What’s Included in the Course:

5 Modules each with video lecture, meditations, mantras, and daily practice guidelines and follow up call recordings

8 video webcasts (totaling 4.5 hours) with
audio and transcript downloads

4 recorded follow-up calls with Dr. Pillai (totaling over 2 hours) with audio and transcript down loads

18 total practice audios (totaling 7.5 hours)

11 total PDF downloads of teaching materials

24 total mantra tracks

Enroll Now and Step into Your Full Power

There is a power within you to know and do anything, and this program can show you how to develop it and bring it into the NOW. There are some people who warn about acquiring Siddhi Powers as obstacles on the path to ultimate Enlightenment. The question you have to ask yourself is: will I use my power for good or evil? If you answered “good” then this program has been made available for you. We need more people in the world who can step into their full power and have a positive impact on the planet. Is that you? If you are ready to discover your hidden power, this course will give you the time-tested protocols to
access it. There is nothing wrong with having the power, it’s how you use it that matters.

Step into your Full Power!

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