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Soul Genetics

Change Your Destiny with Dr. Pillai’s



This is a gift from the yogis…

I have not known anything that works better than this. This is a gift from the Rishis and the Yogis who have found that who controls your life is not yourself. That who controls your poverty, who controls your wealth, your diseases, health, or relationship are your ancestors. They are linked to your thought process, to your consciousness, and your body through the soul. Just as you have inherited biological genes, you have also inherited soul genes from your ancestors. I call it ‘Soul Genetics,’ and you have to clean that up.

Works Better than Meditation

You can sit down and meditate for 5 hours a day, but you won’t get the same results as this. Your ancestors who are now in a better condition without a body can help you a lot, because you are related to them by the soul. You may have not had a good relationship with them in your life, but it doesn’t matter.

Change Your Destiny Miraculously

If you want miracles, do this. You will see your destiny changing. Why? It’s not you are doing anything, it’s the intervention of the divine. If you want to get rid of your problems and create a great future, you must look at Soul Genetics.

— Dr. Pillai

Introducing Dr. Pillai’s Soul Genetics Program

Discover a Divine Routine for Daily Empowerment

There is nothing in your life that is not controlled by your ancestors. Your diseases, your thoughts, poverty and relationships, they are all influenced through the soul genes you share with them. Because of the symbiotic relationship between yourself and your ancestors, as they evolve and find peace, the benefits go both ways.

This is why the Yogis and many other traditions around the world give such great importance to helping their ancestors—it’s a technology to evolve your own soul!

Program Breakdown

In the Soul Genetics program, Dr. Pillai reveals a very simple daily routine, based on Yogic technology, to help your ancestors evolve, and as a result, clear their negative influences from your life. Performing this daily can transform every area of your life, and could be considered a “catch-all” practice.

The routine is composed of two core techniques which are simple to do, and require zero meditation. In addition, the program contains seven additional bonus techniques and two meditations that you can pick and choose from to further enhance the benefits of the two core techniques, creating a divinely empowered daily routine that’s perfect for your lifestyle.


+ Introduction to Soul Genetics
+ 2 Core Techniques
+ Daily Routine


+ 7 bonus techniques to change your destiny


+ Step-by-step instructions for 4 of the Yogic techniques
+ 1 meditation to awaken super-consciousness
+ 1 meditation to awaken pure desire

When You Enroll, You Will Receive

1) Complete Soul Genetics Program

Teachings and information from Dr. Pillai, including 3 modules and 11 techniques.

2) 3 Downloadable PDFs

Download transcripts of all Dr. Pillai’s Soul Genetics teachings for your convenience.

3) 2 Downloadable Audio Recordings

Audio files to aid you in carrying out your daily Soul Genetics practice.

4) Educational Program Emails

Receive teachings and guidance directly to your inbox.

5) Life-time Membership Access

Enjoy lifetime access and support from Pillai Center teachers and team members.

Change Your Destiny Every Day with a Soul Genetics Daily Routine

What People Are Saying

I have been doing this practice daily for around 2 years now, and I can confidently say it has positively affected my life in many ways. If I forget to do it in the morning, I know! My thought process spins out of control with lots of random thoughts harassing me, and in general, it becomes much more negative. I also have noticed how much my relationship with my family has improved. It’s really like night and day when I look back.

Ryan Irving

Mount Shasta, CA

If you do only one spiritual practice a day, do this. You will get absolute miracles in your life.

Elaine Kueper


Your Teacher

Dr. Pillai is a spiritual scientist, academic scholar, philanthropist, and world thought leader dedicated to the study of Mind Science. Through the combination of both the Western and ancient Yogis’ understanding of the brain, Dr. Pillai provides the world with uncommon solutions to common modern day challenges.

#1 New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Wayne Dyer’s addresses Dr. Pillai as ‘One of the Most Enlightened Beings on the Planet’, has featured his methods in “I can see clearly” and lovingly dedicated his breakthrough book “Manifest Your Destiny” to Dr. Pillai, a.k.a. Guruji.

Enroll in Dr. Pillai’s Soul Genetics Program


Learn Dr. Pillai’s Soul Genetics Technology

Course Reviews

  1. Bernaard

    Looking back for my past review, it’s almost 1 and a half year now…and i still can say this Soul Genetics Course is Awesome! I practiced and perform the long version tarpanam once in a month on a new moon day and it feels GREAT! Thank you Dr.Baskaran Pillai and PillaiCenterAcademy, God bless.

  2. rosereveley@yahoo.com

    Learning and integrating Tarpanam into my spiritual practice has helped take
    it to entire new level. Thank You, Dr. Pillai!

  3. Laverne

    This is absolutely the best program yet along with the Sounds for Success, thanks again for everything you do.

  4. Laverne

    absolutely breath taking and such good information… thanks for everything.

  5. Maria de los Angeles

    Thank you Dr. Pillai for all this wisdom you has teach us in this interesting course,,,,,every course you do has something special to touch our souls. I am practicing the ginger every morning,,,,,,,and now I feel like something is miss, if one day I have not the posible to do….. It make something strong on my soul………very excited waiting for new wisdom……

  6. El

    Very nice. The good vibes I feel with the thought of helping my ancestors is really worth the small time spent daily for this ritual.

  7. Robert

    Very helpful

  8. Dritan

    An answer to your soul and to your life. Very fast Spiritual Shift. Miracle. It is a MUST.

  9. Dritan

    At the end of the course a great shift in my life happened. What happened was a great shift in very high speed and happened something that I never thought was going to happened but I discovered that happened what I really desired with my Soul. Course was an answer to my Soul. What an Amazing experience. I do still live that experience since a year ago. Was ans answer to my life. A great shift in my Life.
    This course it is a MUST for anyone.

    Thanks Dr Pillai, thanks Guruji, thanks Sadguru.

  10. febinr@outlook.com

    Have practiced these techniques and I see miracles happening around me. This is the best course so far.

  11. revathi

    What is spiritual benift of having ginger with honey

  12. Lata

    Simply awesome, thank you.

  13. Estelle

    Namaste! Merci au Dr Pillai pour le partage de toutes ces Connaissances et l’ enseignement de l’âme Génétique.

  14. Bernie

    Thank you to Dr. Pillai for sharing and teaching the Soul Genetics…This is similar to the offering ritual that Igorot pagans used here in my country, The difference is they use animals for sacrifices. I really liked the soul genetics program, because you only use sesame seeds, rice flour, dharba grass, sandalwood powder and water, (Less cost). It has solved some of my family problems and it feels like “LUCK is always on my side” This program really helps my life journey. This teaching is a Treasure! Thank you My Ancestors… God bless!!!
    Kind regards… from the Philippines,

  15. johnphila@hotmail.com

    Very useful