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Sounds For Success

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The Sounds for Success Program

5 Techniques for Life Solutions and Human Evolution

Sounds = Intelligence

Create the “200% Life”

What’s the 200% life? It’s a lifestyle in which both spirituality and materiality are embraced equally. Rather than renouncing the material world to evolve spiritually, or disregarding spirituality in favor of material comforts, it is an experience of the best of both worlds in perfect harmony. The 200% life is considered by Siddhas (perfected human beings) as true mastery. Achieving it begins with addressing the five most important areas of life.

Get Results in 5 Areas of Your Life

Karmic Freedom – release old thought patterns and negative setbacks.

Money – bring money and all forms of material wealth to your doorstep.

Health – heal diseases and revitalize the body at the particle level.

Love – attract the perfect people in your life and surround yourself with love.

Enlightenment – experience the ultimate in human evolution and gain mastery over matter and spirit.

Learn from a True Master

Meet Dr. Baskaran Pillai. He’s a phenomenologist of religion and an enlightened master of the South Indian Tamil Siddha tradition – an unbroken lineage of spiritual scientists who have evolved themselves to the highest degree in human evolution. As the only public representative of this very secretive tradition, he is the source for some of the most revolutionary self-empowerment tools and techniques on the planet. His mission is to completely end human suffering.

Ancient Science with Modern Understanding


Modern science has shown us in a concrete way that sound can influence our minds, emotional states, and over-all well being. Quantum Physics now agrees with Yogic scientists that sound is the fundamental building block of both matter and consciousness, and as such is the very source for the world as we know it. Using the right sounds (mantras), which are unidimensional, one can manipulate both matter and spirit.


Scientific fields like Neuroplasticity show us that the brain is in a constant state of change with neurons being created and influenced constantly by our thoughts. Combining the right mind-processes with affirmations has been show to create profound effects on the neurological structure of the brain, and as a result, the quality of both our internal and external reality.


As we know through Quantum Physics and other researchers, consciousness is not limited to the physical body. They say it is “non-local.” People who have mastered their own consciousness, Siddhas like Dr. Pillai, have the ability to transmit parts of their consciousness to others through something called “initiation.” Empowerments from a Siddha Master can transform your consciousness in an instant, as part of their consciousness can be super-imposed onto your own.


Rituals are found in every religion of the world, and are a form of spiritual technology. They are catalysts that work on a level beyond matter and the material world, yet can wield a tremendous power over it. Through the precise use of the five elements – earth, water, fire, air and space – different effects can be created that can alter human consciousness. In fact, the Siddhas have said that rituals can be more powerful than meditation when it comes to producing results, and this is why Dr. Pillai recommends people experiment with them in their own lives.

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Discover the perfect combination of ancient wisdom and modern science that can effectively transform five key areas of your life. From your health and wealth to relationships and spiritual evolution, you will find everything you need to create the 200% life in the Sounds for Success Program.

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What Others Have Said About Dr. Pillai

Dr. Dyer said:

Dr. Pillai is one of the most enlightened people on the planet

Dr. Wayne Dyer
Best Selling Author

Dr. Caba said:

What was most exciting was to know that these sounds, these certain sounds for specific issues literally change people’s brains – changed mine, changed the people that I work with, I see it around him with all of his students all of the time.

Dr. Guldal Caba
Ph.D., NMD, NAC, Psychologist/Naturopath

Dr. Bissoon said:

The information one gets from Dr. Pillai is not something you can learn anywhere. It’s not written in textbooks; you can’t go and study it. He’s imparting the knowledge to you that you can’t find anyplace.

Dr. Lionel Bissoon, MD
Renowned Anti-Aging Expert

The mind has the ability to manifest anything it wants. Do not choose to live a powerless life.

Dr. Pillai

Empower Yourself.

Course Reviews

  1. Unmaniji

    Thank you for these beautiful sounds. They are transforming my Life.
    Thank you Babaji

  2. purnika

    I am so grateful to listen and learn about Dr.Pillai’s sounds for success. Every sound has a power to change our frequencies and environments. So lucky to learn about every teachings of Dr.Pillai through your website and you tube. I love to use KLEEM, SARAVANABAVAYA, ARUL, TIRU NEELA KANTAM sounds. I use Kleem sound for when i go to interviews and test too. I watched about the gods and goddess and their herbs. I plant lots of Tulsi plants and started to offer Krishna. So, blessings to you all who contribute to make these programs. Thank you so much for giving your knowledge to the world Dr.Pillai……….Thank you again.

  3. Ruby

    Dr. Pillai and his team’s teachings are remarkable. I am learning, growing and feeling great. I am grateful to you all. My life a turned a new leaf, greener & simply wonderful. Namaste.

  4. Mahendra

    Thank you Very much

  5. Aman

    Thanks for the course i love the resources provided in the course (MP3 downloadable audios)

  6. Mangongo

    Thanks to all of you who helped to explain the powerful of this program. I use to follow Dr Pillai few years ago just on youtube, but I never take one program. I listened his teaching so spiritually inspired ; but to busy for doing something totally different and getting nothing really tangible. But I keeped connection now I decided to take the free courses(3) and I am challenging myself evrynight practice what I am learning. I can tell you , DR Pillai, my mind is coming so clear and relaxe during my daily activities. Taking decision is almost sellected before I decide. I hope I am not wrong and I will not be lost again. I am going to get soon some differents courses I will pay. I will like to talk to somebody in your team first , if it is possible.

  7. Liefdevolle

    I use the mantra ‘Ohm Namah Shiva’ in combination with teh mantra ‘Arul Perum Jyoti’ and it’s a very powerful combination of mantra’s. It’s important to know and understand the influence you have on your own thoughts and behaviour and also your environment. Thank you dr. Pillai.
    Ahum Brahmasmi, Shanti Ohm!

  8. Ronald H.

    Thank you, this is a good intro. I have adopted Dr Pillai’s sounds on a daily practice for quite a while and they bring me good feelings and a positive attitude in life. I feel i am on the right track with the Shrim Brzee, Thiru Neela Kantam, Kleem and Arul. Now I am going to add SARAVANABAVAYA. The ten principles for Evolving Living are great. Ronald

  9. Harry

    I am glad I took the Sounds course. The course is easy to understand, the mp3 downloads are helpful for practicing the sounds.

  10. Rajeshree

    Atma Namaste.
    Simply amazing .am so glad that I signed for the Sounds course and thank you for making it free. So easy to learn & practice.i read the lessons often,so I don’t miss out on any important point. I have started using the sounds,and am sure I’ll get the results very soon. I shall share my positive experience with the mantras.
    Thank you Dr Pillai Sir. Thank you AstroVed.

  11. Kenneth

    Wonderful. Concise and easy to make a great positive change in your life.

  12. Beatriz

    Love the mantras! Easy to earn and practice every day.
    Thank you for such a wonderful gift Babaji.

  13. Vijayya

    Amazing..will try out the sounds to improve my life. Thank you so much..

  14. Lawrence

    I am so very grateful for taking this free course with Dr. Pillai through the correspondences conducted to me by your fully dedicated staff who was assigned to me. While I was not giving feed back about the wonders of the course, I was reflecting about all these new spiritual practices as I am introduced to them one after the other. I am sure at some point in time I will share about my personal experiences doing the mantras. Generally, I have been blessed with these spiritual sounds, and now I continue to integrates them in my daily life even much more than I do with sitting down for traditional meditation.These have become my new way of keeping up in the spirit of reflection and meditation. As a student of Theology, (Masters of Divinity, MDiv.) and Philosophy in Religious Studies. I am both trained to be skeptical and open minded to foreign ideas on face value…however, personally I seek balance in life, I am spontaneous with what is true…I go where they say “do not go!” This free course with Dr. Pillai has helped me to gain just that kind of balance to want to learn more with Dr. Pillai…so far, I feel I have found my Guru to help me trail my mystical bend and ever longing for enlightenment and devotion to God Most High. My path forward is to register for the, ” Light Body” Course. I am intrigued and fascinated about this course…I can’t wait to get it started…even though I hear many echos shouting from within without, ” do not try” yet I am reminded of my reneged nature and I am happy. Thank you so very much Baba Pillai for your compassion and generosity to us, and very much thanks to all your staffs who are helping make these correspondences possible. Peace & Grace!

  15. Ljubomir

    It is GREAT. All in one course. All what you realy need. Thank you Babaji.

  16. Antoinette

    The entire time I was doing this course, I felt my Chakras buzzing, my heart open wide and the sincerest assurance that these tools, WITH COMMITTED PRACTICE, will change my life! I’m so grateful to Dr. Pillai for his wisdom and kindness in sharing this gift of love. I expect miraculous changes and will certainly report them. Thank you. ❤️

  17. Josephe

    I really enjoyed this course and I have seen the changing example more peace inside me, confidence. Also more discipline, In my daily spiritual practice I have included The Thiru neela kantam every day and a choose a other mantra after. Thank so much to Dr Pillai for this free course, and all the staff who help, blessing. when it will be possible for me I will choose a course with fee. Josephe

  18. Josephe

    I really enjoy this course and I have seen the changing example more peace inside me, confidence. Also more discipline, In my daily spiritual practice I have included The Thiru neela kantam every day and a choose a other mantra after. Thank so much to Dr Pillai for this free course, and all the staff who help, blessing. when it will be possible for me I will choose a course with fee. Josephe

  19. Hema Elango

    I am going to try by Tomw onwards. Thanks Dr Pillai. It’s a great feelings.

  20. Landry

    thank you for the powerful free class. Thanks a million

  21. M Wilkes

    Excellent sounds and explanations. Since there are so many different sounds it will nice to have an explanation of how to use all or most of these sounds simultaneously in a pyramid type approach. Also for the more serious change seekers adding numeric repetitions that are progressive will be helpful. Great course all around.

  22. fitzjemmo@gmail.com

    Thank you so very much “Baba” for your continued generosity to the World!!!…… Particularlly this programe. Seemlessly quite usefull and important to my daily existance!!!…… I recently observe that there is a general feeling of “quiet and orderly inner exitement”

  23. Tunda

    Thank you, Very good course felt enlightened with each sound.

  24. Tunda

    Easy to follow and felt enlightened with every sound

  25. Vijaya Avula

    Thank you Babaji for this wonderful teachings. Highly useful. We are fortunate to receive this knowledge from you. Pillai Center’s team’s meticulous efforts, well disciplined course structure and dedicated efforts much appreciated. Thank you for helping the world at large.

  26. Vijaya Avula

    Thank you Babaji for the wonderful teachings we are fortunate to receive this knowledge from you and Pillai center team’s efforts are meticulous, well disciplined and much appreciated. Thank you for helping the world.

  27. Joyce

    Loved this! I was actually able to complete it while working on my Ultimate Teachings course. My life is changing miracle by miracle. Thank you, Dr. Pillai!!

  28. Arnaldo

    Great experience and thank you.

  29. Sandeep

    Good one!

  30. robert

    it is very good course thank you.

  31. Lorna Cicely

    I love it! Thank you very much.

  32. afsaneh

    Hope this programs lead me to make stronger relationship with my Divine*self and connection with universe.

  33. jp


  34. Carla

    I am very happy to have finished this course. I have accepted Baba as my guru and have embraced the covenant! I want to take all of the courses! I feel connected with these wonderful teachings and have waited lifetimes for this! Babaji, I am grateful for this opportunity for the 200% life. 100% spiritual and 100% material. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I’m all in!

  35. Madevi

    Simple and delivered in a simplified language accessible to just anyone wishing to bring a change in his life. Very much appreciated. But its not only about taking the course. Ultimately, the success of the course lies in practicing the mantras in a committed, dedicated and consistent manner on a daily basis, if possible.

    Thank you.

  36. Ragnish Barat

    Brilliant a must for all

  37. Baroness

    Absolutely LOVED this course !

  38. kathir

    Good Program..!!!