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Time Line Jumping

Dr Pillai


Modernized Ancient Yogic Techniques to free yourself from the constraints of your past and Instantly Manifest in the Now


That your experiences are predetermined based on the life you were born into and you are simply along for the ride?

When you hold this belief, you put the vision of your future in the hands of an imaginary predetermined series of life events and convince yourself that this is your Destiny. Does this sound familiar?

When you feel stuck in your life, relationship, or career, as many of us do, you are feeling the constraints of the current Destiny or Timeline. You are allowing your view of the future to simply be a projection of your past, one that you have little to no influence over.

The future doesn’t exist, ONLY the present moment does.

Dr Pillai

It is from this present moment that you can access a new Timeline. By taking control of your thoughts, actions and emotions, you ultimately take responsibility for your life and actively participate in its creation regardless of your past experiences. This is Timeline Jumping.

“The only way to influence your future is to be in the now.”

Dr Pillai

Through a comprehensive new understanding of time, combined with daily meditation practices and techniques, Dr. Pillai’s Timeline Jumping Program allows you to access alternative destinies that are simultaneously available to you at any given moment and manifest a better life from a place that is precisely in the Now.

Dr Pillai


If you get beyond your cause and effect, and beyond your logic, there is total freedom.

We all have a Timeline. Most people are experiencing their probable Timeline, the one they are born into, one that is based on many things including their perceived limitations, parental and societal conditioning. Regardless of your past mistakes or current misfortunes, Timeline Jumping allows you to actively participate in how you experience the Now, allowing you the freedom to manifest a new Destiny.


Dr Pillai

Dr. Pillai is a spiritual scientist, academic scholar, philanthropist, and global thought leader dedicated to the study of Mind Science. Through the combination of both the Western and ancient Yogis’ understanding of the brain, Dr. Pillai provides the world with uncommon solutions to common, modern day challenges. His Timeline Jumping teachings and techniques have successfully changed the lives of many people, allowing them to cultivate a life that is full of limitless potential through a comprehensive understanding of time and the power which comes from living and manifesting a life that is truly in the Now.

Dr Pillai


It is experienced chronologically as well as psychologically.

“Chronological time is one aspect of time. There is another aspect that we understand and experience in our lives. It is called Psychological time. With Timeline Jumping, you jump out of your conscious mind, your waking state and get into a space where time ends. A space where anything is possible.

Dr Pillai

Chronologically, time is experienced via the movement of the earth and the planets in the solar system. The Sun and the Moon are the primary indicators of our time and thus we have created solar and the lunar calendars. The revolution of the planets creates days, weeks, months and years.

Psychological time is how we experience time in our mind. Our feeling about how fast or slow time moves, differs based on our experience. For example, if you are flying from New York to California on a six hour flight, you may feel that the time is passing very slowly. In contrast, if you are working on a project that you have six hours to complete, you will experience time passing significantly faster.conditioning. Regardless of your past mistakes or current misfortunes, Timeline Jumping allows you to actively participate in how you experience the Now, allowing you the freedom to manifest a new Destiny.



Being in the Now: Discover the core-teachings of the program and receive the twenty minute Timeline Jumping meditation, guidance on how to use Vedic time technology, and a Siddha technique to stay in the Now.


Goal Setting: Find out how to use simple goal setting to create an outrageous life.


Understanding the Technology of Time: Dive deeper into the technology of time as you explore celestial energies of horas, planets, stars, to maximize every moment. Continue your exploration of the technology of time and learn how to create effortless synchronicity in your life.


Unlock Yourself from Your Current Timeline: Identify the feeders that are keeping you locked into your current timeline and preventing you from shifting your experience. Discover techniques that will erase them.


Fine-Tune Your Goals: Receive the techniques that will lead you on the fast track to achieve your goals, and overcome the psychological block of waiting.


Integration: Bring together everything you’ve learned, and integrate Timeline Jumping into your everyday life.

Through this 6 Step Process you will learn how to:

  • Obtain a new view of Time, Timelessness and how you can positively influence your Psychological experience of time
  • Tap into daily & hourly planetary influences to consciously create your days
  • Diffuse negative habits that are holding you back from the life you want
  • Experience a life in the Now and how to visualize and manifest from this powerful place
  • Create effortless synchronicity in your life and consistently find yourself in the right place at the right time

The Complete Timeline Program Includes:

  • 5 Timeline Jumping Modules Including:

    • Foundational Teachings
    • Effective Goal Setting
    • Time Management Tools
    • Diffuse Negative Habits
    • How to Activate Your Daily Practice
  • 3 Meditations
  • 7 Mantras
  • Video and Text Companions
  • Bonus Audio Teachings on How to Use Horas and ‘Process Meditation’
  • The Technology of Time: Quick Reference Guide

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Dr Pillai

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If the technologies in the Timeline Jumping program don’t work for you, we invite you to contact us within 14-days of your original purchase for a refund so that you may continue your search to find the program that allows you to find the life path that brings you the joy and abundance that is the birthright for all beings on this planet.

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