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Transform & Evolve Your Life in with Dr. Pillai

Transform & Evolve Your Life with Dr. Pillai

Using 5 Secret Siddha Techniques For Controlling: Time, Karmic Life, Thoughts, Mind, Breath, & Money

Dr. Pillai's Global ‘Rewrite Your Destiny’ Seminar

Learn How to Rewrite Your Destiny

You really can re-write your destiny. Except you won’t be able to re-write yours unless you know certain things. First you should know what you want to do. If you don’t know what you want for the coming year and adhere to that goal, by coming up with game plans to actualize and create it, then you will be running the karmic path dictated by your destiny, or karma.

If you don’t do anything and spend life unconsciously, which is the case with 99.99% of people, then you live a karmic life.  The theme of this program is how to end karma and rewrite your destiny.

What You Will Learn

Through the teachings and techniques contained in this life-changing program, you will learn how to rewrite your own destiny. You’ll be guided through creating and carrying out month-by-month goals to direct your destiny rather than being driven by old karmic patterns. Dr. Pillai says: You have to make a commitment to yourself. I will give you a road map. I’ll give you technique of how on a daily basis you can become more conscious, and end old karma.

"If you don’t do anything and spend life unconsciously, which is the case with 99.99% of the people, then you live a karmic life."

Rewrite Your Destiny

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