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Ultimate Wealth Solutions

Dr. Pillai Reveals...

Yogic Secrets to Create Inner and Outer Wealth

Introducing the Ultimate Wealth Solutions Online Course

The Ultimate Sounds for Wealth

To the Yogis, wealth means not just financial wealth, but perfection and fulfillment in every area of life. They discovered that they could unlock this experience through the use of certain sounds. One sound in particular, “Brzee,” discovered by a great seer named Vishwamitra, stands out from the rest. It took him 1,200 years of meditation to find it, having never existed on Earth before.

He gave it to Dr. Pillai, who further enhanced it with another potent prosperity sound, “Shreem,” to create the ultimate sounds for wealth, “Shreem Brzee.” The sounds Shreem Brzee work by replacing all forms of scarcity from your consciousness with abundance. At the same time, they permanently increase your merits, or positive karma, helping to transform EVERY area of life.

“The primary goal of Shreem Brzee is not only to give you material wealth, but the greater wealth of consciousness, of understanding of knowledge, of seeing beyond matter. The material wealth will only be a byproduct. You will get 200% life. 100% spiritual and 100% material.”

- Dr. Pillai

The Man Behind the Program

Dr. Pillai is a world-renowned phenomenologist of religion and an Enlightened Master from the Tamil Siddha Tradition. The late Dr. Wayne Dyer referred to him as “Guruji” and “one of the most enlightened people on the planet.” In his younger years, Dr. Pillai lived and studied in the Himalayas with great Yogic Masters, and was very close to the “Beatles Guru,” Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

He has been featured in Time Magazine for having millions of views of his free teaching videos on YouTube, and has been a speaker for the United Nations Conference of World Religions and the World Knowledge Forum.

His Siddha-Sound Technology has already demonstrated an uncanny ability to create
massive transformation in a short amount of time, and is now being studied by Harvard University and a reputed Medical College in India to uncover more about its effects on the human brain.

Program Features

Master Initiation

Receiving an initiation from a true Master is something people wait an entire lifetime for. This is the single most important element to a fruitful Yogic practice. Dr. Pillai will give you an extremely rare initiation into the core wealth-creating sounds, Shreem Brzee.

Advanced Shreem Brzee Techniques

The sounds Shreem Brzee are the nano sounds behind inner and outer wealth and abundance. In this program, Dr. Pillai reveals never-before-released techniques that employ Shreem Brzee in the most powerful way yet to manifest your desires in the external world.

Practice Formula

This program takes the guess and stress out of how to set up a fruitful, wealth-generating practice. With features like regular email reminders, goal-setting guides, and enhanced practice instructions, you will get everything you need to succeed, fast.

What People Are Saying

PK says:

Yesterday I chanted this mantra 108 times twice for the first time in my life. I won $25 dollars same day!!! It’s not a large amount, but the mantra has power to attract money!!!!

Fresno California

L.B. says:

When I came across Shreem Brzee and began chanting it for about a week and a half, after 2 weeks I received a check for almost $3,000. I could not believe it.

L.B. Blue

Gitanjali says:

A week into chanting Shreem Brzee, we manifested $15,000 bonus & 3% salary raise for my husband… So, so thankful.

Gitanjali Wadi

Working Hard is the Past - You Need Speed

Making money, getting healthy, and finding fruitful relationships by working hard externally is not only a struggle, it takes a long time. That’s why the Yogis came up with ways to harness the inward power of their consciousness to alter the outside world. It requires minimal effort, and results come in a fraction of the time.

The Ultimate Wealth Program reveals one Master Yogi’s secrets to create both inner and outer wealth. It’s an all-encompassing formula that can give you everything you’ve ever wanted, and faster than you could’ve ever imagined.

Choose Abundance

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