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Vishnu’s Gates of Heaven


Enter the Abode of Vishnu to Transform Your Financial Mindset

Dr Pillai

“There are special times, astronomically significant times, when Vishnu’s energy becomes available, when he gives blessings to people.

He descends into the Earth plane on those days. It’s a very, very rare phenomenon that occurs. The Yogis and Siddhas look forward to a very auspicious time like this.

Vishnu is the Lord of the Earth plane. He is totally in charge of creating matter—which is a car, a home, luxury—all of these things are associated with Vishnu.”

– Dr. Pillai


According to scriptures, Vaikunta Ekadasi is the only day of the year when Vishnu gives you access to his celestial abode Vaikunta, where he resides with his consort in abundance and prosperity. It occurs in the Vedic calendar during the month of Margashirsha (between December and January) on the 11th day (Ekadasi) of the waxing Moon.

Every year on this special day, the search for heaven, or Vaikunta, is renewed with pure devotion to Vishnu and his different incarnations.

On the day that the Gates of Heaven are opened, Vishnu, the Supreme Archetype of Wealth, gives us access to energy that can help change our financial mindsets. Vaikunta Ekadasi is also ideal for seeking spiritual enlightenment.

This course is most powerful During the Vaikunta Ekadasi powertime and 11th Moon days, but you can receive the powerful benefits of connecting with Vishnu any time of the year.


“In the Indian tradition, Vishnu is the God of wealth because he is also the husband of Lakshmi. He is called Vishnu Maya. He is the one who is responsible for creating matter. Maya is matter, and without him there is no money or material existence. Everything that is associated with creation belongs to Maya, and that is Vishnu.

He will reincarnate, periodically when there is a complete decline of moral values, ethics, and when only evil people thrive and righteous people are in danger. In order to set things right, he says, ‘I will come in every yuga. In every epoch, I will reincarnate myself.’”

– Dr. Pillai

Dr Pillai

Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma, form the Holy Hindu Trinity. He is revered in Vaishnavism as the Supreme Being. Venerated as the preserver and protector of the universe, Vishnu incarnates on Earth in order to restore balance and vanquish evil and destructive forces. He is present in all living beings, permeating all objects and life forms as the Eternal Transcendental Being.

He is described as the fountain of all knowledge and the originator of the holy texts. The ancient texts, specifically the Upanishads and Puranas, praise him for his good deeds and identify Him as an omnipotent being pervading all that is visible and invisible.

The embodiment of mercy and compassion, Vishnu is easily pleased with prayers. Chanting the Vishnu mantra daily is said to bring health, happiness and prosperity. It is also said that Goddess Lakshmi confers prosperity and wealth on all those who worship Vishnu.


Gates of Heaven Audio Lecture & Transcript

If you want material prosperity, health and beauty, the Archetype that you want to propitiate is Vishnu. Once connected to him, it is wise to keep the energy of Vishnu nurtured inside of you. In this way, you’ll stay in touch with Vishnu and with the source of material prosperity and abundance on many levels.

We recommend that you listen to the lecture as often as you can, not only to learn about this powerful Archetype, but also to receive Dr. Pillai’s darshan (divine energetic transmission) so that you receive the information at a deeper level within your consciousness. Even hearing the voice of an enlightened master can expand your consciousness and change your life forever.

Gates of Heaven Meditation Audio & Transcript

Dr. Pillai will provide you with a guided meditation in which you acknowledge and praise the names of the different Avatars of Vishnu through the chanting of their personal mantras.

We recommend that you immerse yourself in this meditation every day. In doing so, you may absorb the divine qualities of the incarnations of Vishnu deep within your consciousness.

Krishna Meditation Audio

Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu who is all-attractive. He, and his wife, Radha, represent enjoyment of the material plane, Dharma (divinely-led purpose and duty), and the highest love.

Dr. Pillai will lead you in a meditation to connect with Krishna’s energy.

10 Incarnations of Vishnu Audio & Mantras

You will learn about the ten incarnations of Vishnu that are discussed in Dr. Pillai’s lecture. We provide the type of Avatar, the name of the Avatar, his general purpose, and the mantra that you can chant to connect with the Avatar.

Vishnu Mantra Loop Audios

This is an audio of Dr. Pillai chanting the Vishnu mantra. You can sing along or listen. You can also play it in the background while working, meditating, relaxing, or sleeping.

Hare Krishna Mantra Loop Audio

Listen to this audio loop or sing along with Dr. Pillai to connect with the most charming incarnation of Vishnu.

Ten Incarnations of Vishnu Mantra Loop Audio

Sing along with Dr. Pillai or simply listen, immersing yourself in the consciousness of Vishnu and Dr. Pillai.

Tips for Establishing a Daily Practice

You will learn structured ways to integrate your practice of connecting with Vishnu into your life and lifestyle.

Supplementary Audios & Videos

We provide you with extra videos and audios of lectures and guided meditations to help you learn more about Vishnu and how to connect with and learn more about Vaikunta Ekadasi.

As you watch and listen, please keep in mind that doing any practice or meditation presented is supplementary to the content already provided in this course. You are more than welcome to incorporate them into your daily practice if you wish, but they are not mandatory.

Guide for Setting Up Your Altar

Having a personal altar can strengthen your relationship with one or more specific Archetypes. The altar occupies a physical space that serves as a place to pray, meditate, communicate (talking, confessing, asking for help, etc.) with Archetypes. Altars also bring the energy of the Archetype(s) into your home and daily life.

With a home altar, you can interact with Vishnu in the same way you would treat your most beloved and cherished house guest.

Lifetime Access to the Membership Site

All your lectures, transcripts, videos, and audios will remain in one convenient place indefinitely.

Lifetime Support

You can contact Pillai Center Academy with any questions about the courses and teachings.




Dr. Baskaran Pillai is an academic scholar, phenomenologist of religion, and a representative of the Tamil Siddha tradition. He has a very personal connection with the Tamil God, Muruga, attributing him as his guiding force, responsible for every miracle, fortune, and intelligence he has received.

Referred to by bestselling author Dr. Wayne Dyer as “one of the most divine and enlightened beings on Earth,” and Time Magazine as the “YouTube Guru,” he is one of the most innovative source of human development technology in the world today, teaching only what he has realized, experienced, and mastered in his own life.

An invited speaker in over 40 countries, he’s been a featured guest at global forums such as the United Nations Conference of World Religions and the World Knowledge Forum. His educational-technology has been researched by Harvard University, Brain Science International, and other institutions. Unique, revolutionary, and very practical, Dr. Pillai’s work has helped transform the lives of millions of people for over 4 decades.

“The 11th Waxing Moon Phase is the time when you can directly access the energy of Vishnu, the God of Wealth. I want to give you money blessings through Vishnu. Don’t miss this time.”

– Dr. Pillai

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