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Course Curriculum

Getting Started
What To Expect In This Course
How To Experience The Most Success
Your Commitment
Step 1: Clearing
Welcome to Step 1: Clearing The Way
Dr. Pillai’s Clearing Lecture and Meditations
Understanding Your Personal Blueprint
The 4 Mindset Influencers
Top 10 Scarcity Feeders
Clearing Your Scarcity Blueprint
Scarcity Clearing Tools and Meditations
Your Step 1 Accelerators
Tips As You Move Forward
Practice Audios
Step 2: Creating Your Vision
Welcome to Step 2: Creating Your Vision
Dr. Pillai’s Creating Your Vision Lecture and Meditation
Creating Your Vision
Activating The Two Paths Of Manifesting
Releasing Attachment To The Outcome
Your Step 2 Accelerators
Step 3: Sustaining
Welcome to Step 3: Sustaining Your Practice
Overcoming 5 Common Obstacles
Set Yourself Up For Success
Your Wealth Actualization Review
Creating Your Dynamic Daily Practice
Downloadable Images
Meditations, Mantra Loops, Techniques
Hydration, 5 Elements, & Flower Mantra Multiplier Rituals
Surrogate Technology for Karma Removal
Additional Teaching from Dr. Pillai
Tarpanam- Ancestor Offerings
Protection Meditation
Karma Clearing through Soul Genetics
Overcome Fear and Anxiety
Menstrual Cycle Dos and Don’ts
Guru Purnima Bonus