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Great Night of Shiva 2021: Essential


Join the The Great Night of Shiva 12-Hours of Power Vigil Program that has been formulated to engage you for the entire powertime, for your highest good.

You will be joining Dr. Pillai live at midnight during The Great Night of Shiva. It will be the peak of the most powerful destiny changing night of 2021. You will be guided by Dr. Pillai as her personally performs a fire ceremony and hydration, targeted to invoke the grace of Shiva for removing karma and bestowing a new destiny. Dr. Pillai will also impart to you a precious mantra initiation for Shiva during the most important powertime of the year to receive it.

You will also be receiving lifetime access to Dr. Pillai’s Great Night of Shiva program on the Pillai Center Academy. In the program, you will be able to watch a 4 part webcast series from Dr. Pillai which initiates you into a different version of Shiva’s mantra to be used during one of the 4 different Kalas, or time-divisions of the Great Night of Shiva. The program includes video replays, mantra and PDF downloads, and supplementary education.

You will be able to share and receive experiences, questions, and inspiration in the private Facebook group for this program. 

In Summary, You Receive:

  • Dr. Pillai Live Midnight Empowerment
  • The Great Night of Shiva Program Access
  • Private Community Facebook Group