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ALL-INCLUSIVE TRIP: Goddess Trip + Extension + Arunachala | Single Occupancy | Payment Plan

$3,503.00 / month for 2 months

Oct. 14 – Oct. 29

1 Spot Remaining

“There are innumerable temple vortices [in India]. These vortices are full of power and have the capability to remove stumbling blocks that are responsible for creating problems in different areas of your life. These temples are like technology-oriented, high-tech vortices where you can see the removal of your karma if you are alert.” — Dr. Pillai

During your 16-day journey, you will experience the spiritual bliss of over 40 temples and power spots, plus immerse in sin-dissolving baths at one of the most powerful karma-removal spots on Earth. You will also participate in a Full Moon Girivalam, circumambulation around the sacred hill of Arunachala associated with Lord Shiva.

At each temple, you will experience Darshan, an energetic transmission of divine consciousness into your being. You will participate in immersive pooja ceremonies (sound and light offerings), conducted by  priests to invoke the deities residing in each temple. 

Abishekam (hydration ceremonies) and Fire Labs will be performed at select vortices. These rituals attract the unique blessings and consciousness of these special archetypes.

Many of the temples are in Kumbakonam, a district of Tamil Nadu known for its rich cultural heritage, historical temples, and spiritual significance. It is a popular destination for religious festivals that attract devotees seeking spiritual blessings and cultural experiences.

What You Receive:

  • 3 Virtual Initiations from Dr. Pillai During the 9 Nights of the Goddess
  • Seminars, Meditations, and 41 Powerspot Visits
  • Hotel Accommodation and Meals
  • Transportation to and from Airport
  • Bus and Internal Flight Transportation
  • Temple and Prayer Offering Fees

  • Day 1: Unveil Sacred Abundance Energy at Dr. Pillai’s Shreem Brzee Temple
  • Day 2: Bathe in the Energy & Blessings of Parvati & Goddess Angali 
  • Day 3: Immerse in Shiva & Durga’s Peace, Ganesha’s Obstacle Removal & Karuppasamy’s Protection
  • Day 4: Explore Sacred Spaces for Spiritual Awakening & Success from Lord Shiva, Mahalinga Swamy, & Their Goddess Consorts
  • Day 5: Ignite Transformative Energies and Abundant Blessings at Sacred Siva/Shakti Sanctuaries
  • Day 6: Witness Surrender of the Sun God, Seek Blessings of Lord Vishnu, Invoke Goddess Protection, and More
  • Day 7: Experience Divine Protection, Prosperity, and Bliss with Powerful Forms of the Goddess
  • Day 8: Discover Hidden Treasures, Experience Fierce Goddess Energy, and Embrace Divine Harmony & Abundance
  • Day 9: Explore Sacred & Majestic Vortices for Blessings of Healing, Prosperity, Progress & Spiritual Fulfillment
  • Day 10: Soak in the Sacred Energy of the Sage who revealed “Brzee” & Travel Dr. Pillai’s Acclaimed Birthplace
  • Day 11: Explore the Top Karma-Dissolving Vortex on Earth + Bathe in Bliss & Healing Powers
  • Day 12: Reveal Blessings at Varahi, Shiva, and Parvati Temples for Material Wealth, Protection, & Successful Relationships
  • Day 13: Experience Liberation, Karma-Removal & Freedom from Human Vices at the Sacred Arunachala Temple
  • Day 14: Experience Gilded Beauty, Tranquility & Abundance via Lakshmi’s Grace at Vellore’s Golden Temple
  • Day 15: Embark on a Mystical Full Moon Journey to a Sacred Mountain for Enlightenment, Desire Fulfillment & Karmic Relief
  • Day 16: Discover Golden Goddess Grace for Prosperity, Light, Harmony & Victory