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Dr. Pillai’s Durgashtami Initiation


“Durga is a Goddess who kills demons. The demons can’t stand Durga’s energy, so they leave. It is very important that you have to keep killing, constantly, the demons that destroyyou.”  – Dr. Pillai

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Dr. Pillai’s Durgashtami Initiation

You can now choose to include Dr. Pillai’s Durgashtami initiation in your 2021 Navaratri experience in a more affordable way. 

Because of your commitment to Fundamental participation, the requirement to first enroll in the more expensive Premier participation package to access this initiation is being waived.

Further, you are receiving exclusive 50% savings off the standalone value of this offering. 

Both of these benefits together make this the most affordable way to participate in the most powerful initiation Dr. Pillai will be giving during the #1 most powerful Goddess time of 2021.

Take advantage now by adding this to your order to have the live access details included with your order.

You Will Receive

  • Live Access to Dr. Pillai’s Durgashtami Initiation
  • Lifetime Access to Video Replay
  • Lifetime Acces to Downloadable Lecture, Meditation, and Mantra Audios
  • Lifetime Access to Downloadable PDF Transcript and Guides
  • Exclusive 50% Savings Off Standalone Value
  • Premier Enrollment Requirement to Access Initiation Waived


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