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God-Money Mindset Basic


This course is designed to help you create the God-Money mindset, give you the foundation to allow ideas to take seed and sprout, and activate you to make decisions and positive change in your business or career.

Learn the God-Money mindset while transforming an idea from your divine mind into a potential new income stream. The 6-week hands-on course will be taught live and includes a new meditation, re-energized teachings, and pre-recorded guidance from Dr. Pillai, as well as goal setting, affirmations, practical lessons on developing an idea into a material creation, and actual mindset and consciousness lessons from CEOs around the world. You will immerse in Dr. Pillai’s God-Money Mindset with meditations, sounds, and initiations blended with his guidance. You will learn to apply the content of this experience to any idea, project or business that you have.

What You Receive:

  • Manifesting Money with Your God-Self