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Grand Proxy Ceremonies for Dr. Pillai’s Birthday: Enhanced


“One main reason why I am here on this earth plane is to teach about karma to people. Karma is reversible. Collectively humanity needs to reverse their karma. The planet needs to go through this change. I am very happy that it is taking place now.: – Dr Pillai

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Why Dr. Pillai Emphasizes Proxy Ceremonies

Dr. Pillai has often emphasized the importance of proxy ceremonies to support initiations. He made them mandatory for students of all his premier, year long programs because of their effectiveness. In fact, he once stated that he depends on them more to transform the students than the initiations and techniques he gives. That is how powerful they are.

The Reason They Are So Powerful

The reason they are considered to be so powerful is that they bypass the human ego and work directly with the soul. The human ego is considered to be among the most prominent hindrances of receiving miracles due to its limited ability to conceive, and general negative conditioning. In addition, they are performed at key sacred places where the energy being invoked is believed to be alive and very active. 

Dr. Pillai’s Enhanced 2022 Proxy Birthday Ceremonies


Group 4-Priest Apadhu Dharana Ayurdevatha Shanti Fire Lab

The powerful Apadhu Dharana Stotram (Hymn) attributes Vishnu as the Supreme Protector who, in his different forms, can bestow unique blessings by removing dangers, fear, pain, suffering and obstacles. The Apadhu Dharana Ayurdevatha Shanthi Fire Lab invokes Ayur Devata, the archetype for good health and longevity. Targeted to:

  • Infuses positive energy
  • Grants relief from diseases and illness
  • Removes negativity
  • Improves vitality and health
  • Bestows longevity


Group Archana (Pooja) to Shiva, Parvati and Thirumoolar at Arakara Powerspot (3 Poojas)

Thirumoolar is considered to be a preeminent Tamil Siddha from Dr. Pillai’s lineage. Dr. Pillai has taught students one of Thirumoolar’s mantras Arakara which he explains can give you the ability to do the impossible, and also transform the body into light. Shiva and Parvati are considered the Yang and Yin of creation which can bestow upon you ultimate intelligence, consciousness, and power. Targeted to:

  • Manifest your deepest desires
  • Bestow ability to do the impossible
  • Grant healing and transform body into light
  • Gift incredible peace, power, and prosperity


Group Archana (Pooja) to Shiva, Parvati and Mookambika at Thiruvidimaruthur Powerspot (3 Poojas)

Goddess Mookambika was discussed by Dr. Pillai in recent times. He has referred to her as the most powerful form of Kali. Traditionally, this Goddess is worshipped as the Goddess Trinity in one form. Worsh

  • Removes sorrow
  • Grants progeny
  • Alleviates mental stress
  • Bestow mental peace
  • Progress in job and business
  • Fulfills wishes


Group Archana (Pooja) to Dattatreya Statue at Indian Remedy Center

As per sacred texts, Dattatreya is the Divine Incarnation of the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Invoking him can grant the following blessings:

  • Fulfills desires
  • Dispels fear and anxiety
  • Grants highest knowledge
  • Mitigates planetary afflictions
  • Resolves ancestral curse


Babaji Statue Alankaram (decoration), Archana (Pooja) and Grand Aarti (Pooja) at Indian Remedy Center

The offerings will be made to Dr. Pillai’s life-sized statue which he has personally blessed. During his birthday, this ceremony will be performed to invoke the blessings of his avatar Dattatreya Shiva Baba for a new destiny.

  • Receive fortune
  • Good health
  • Wisdom
  • Wish-fulfillment
  • Karmic rebirth


Group 4- Priest Heramba Ganesha Fire Lab

Dr. Pillai promotes Heramba Ganesha, the 5-faced Golden Ganesha, as an archetype who can bestow preeminent prosperity. The Siddhas also have revealed he can bestow the Divine Mind. Participating in the Sacred Fire Lab invoking Heramba Ganesha is targeted to:

  • Confer extraordinary prosperity
  • Bestow life-success
  • Give protection from negative forces
  • Grant the Divine Mind of bliss and thought manifestation
  • Clears karmic obstacles that create suffering and block progress


Group 4- Priest Sri Kala MrItyu Samhara Fire Lab

A fierce manifestation of Shiva, Kala Bhairava, is considered to be a powerful protector and God of time. Kala means time, Mrityu means death, and Samahara means destruction. This Fire Lab is targeted to vanquish the evil forces behind death, decay, and suffering:

  • Experience healing and rejuvenation
  • Be protected from negative forces
  • Gain incredible positivity and overcome fear of death
  • Receive victory against enemies
  • Acquire relief from unfavorable planetary influences


Abishekam (Hydration Pooja), Archana (Pooja) to Rakakshi Amman & Karuppaswamy at Rakakshi Amman Powerspot

Rakakshi Amman is Dr. Pillai’s family Goddess. She gifts the power to manifest. Dr. Pillai calls Karuppasamy a “Performer God” due to his ability to quickly solve problems and fulfill requests. These offerings will be performed at Dr. Pillai’s family temple in Rameshwaram, targeted to:

  • Fulfill wishes
  • Acquire power to manifest
  • Gain Divine protection
  • Experience spontaneous solutions to mundane problems


Abishekam (Hydration Pooja)to Babaji Statue & Alankaram (Decoration) Archana (Pooja) and Grand Aarti (Pooja) at Indian Remedy Center

This grand hydration will be made to Dr. Pillai’s life-sized statue which he has personally blessed. 

  • Purify negative karma
  • Invoke Divine intervention
  • Awaken wisdom and fortune
  • Be blessed with life-success
  • Fulfil heart’s desires


Group Archana (Pooja) to Shiva, Parvati & Natarajar at Rameswaram Powerspot (3 Poojas)

About Nataraja, the Dancing Shiva, Dr. Pillai has said it is where his consciousness originated from, and where it will return. Nataraja is considered to be the God of Akash, or space, who’s sacred foot is the bestower of grace. He was also the deity whom was worshipped by Swami Ramalingam, the Tamil Siddha who is most know for giving the Arut Perum Jyothi Light Body mantra.

  • Experience deeper levels of meditation
  • Gain power to think and manifest
  • Bring light to your body for healing and empowerment
  • Awaken your Divine identity 
  • Increase your intelligence, intuition, and power


Group Archana (Pooja) to Shiva Parvati (fake coins into gold) at Thiruvizhimalai Powerspot (2 Poojas)

Shiva and Parvati are considered to be the Mother and Father of the world. Their story is one of intense love, devotion, and incredible joy. These rituals will be performed at a special vortex in India, targeted to:

  • Strengthens relationships
  • Grant relief from physical suffering
  • Bestow prosperity
  • Resolves obstacles to relationships
  • Grants progeny


Group Archana (Pooja) to Nambunayaki at Nambunayaki Powerspot

Dr. Pillai has identified Nambunayaki as a millions of years old Goddess who helped make his birth possible. She specializes in healing, not just physical, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual. These rituals will be performed at her vortex at Dr. Pillai’s birthplace to:

  • Heal the mind, body, and soul
  • Experience peace of mind
  • Overcome physical and psychological suffering
  • Feel positive and joyful
  • Acquire power to heal others


Group Archana (Pooja) to Vishnu & Lakshmi at Chakrapani Powerspot

Vishnu and Lakshmi are considered to be the masculine and feminine forms of the power of sustenance. These rituals will be performed for them a special vortex in India to:

Neutralizes the 9 planetary afflictions
Remove relationship obstacles
Overcome delays for marriage
Grant progeny


Coconut-Breaking (1 per person)

Dr. Pillai teaches that coconut sacrifice is an esoteric technology that works like Jesus and the cross. The coconut is said to be the ultimate sacrifice as it is a form of Lord Shiva, as discovered by Lord Ganesha. This coconut will be smashed to:

  • Smash through hindrances
  • Overcome stubborn karma
  • Put you on a path to life-success
  • Help fulfill desires
  • Rapidly progress in your evolution

Add Extra Support for a Deeper Experience

Join these proxy ceremonies targeted to multiply the blessings available only during Dr. Pillai’s Birthday

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