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Group Participation to Boost Your Wealth Program


Take Your Wealth Blessings to the Next Level

This package is an excellent compliment to Dr. Pillai’s May 14 event because it is targeted to enhance and reinforce the empowerment you will be receiving. For an opportunity to accelerate your wealth manifestation, add this to your order for a limited time.

Dr. Pillai has specially commissioned these ceremonies this year to help increase your finances. 

They included invocations to key Archetypes who have been selected due to the association with creating wealth miracles.

According to scriptures, the ceremonies are targeted to invoke

  • Ekadasi Kubera Fire Lab – for financial growth 
  • Ekadasi Lakshmi Hayagriva Fire Lab – for attaining the highest wealth intelligence
  • Ekadasi Pooja to KalpaViruksha Kamadhenu Kubera Sai Baba – for wish-fulfillment and prosperity miracles
  • Pooja to Mahalakshmi on Ravi Pushya Days – for destroying poverty karma
  • Pooja to Mahalakshmi on Guru Pushya Days – for bestowing abundance and incredible fortune