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Manifest with Fire II: Fundamentals


*NOTE – Fire Labs will be performed on your behalf. This service does not include training to perform fire labs.*

Manifest with Fire is a program commissioned by Dr. Pillai to make available powerful Fire Technology targeted to take formless thoughts, prayers, and mantras, and materialize them into tangible circumstances, experiences, and objects, quickly. 



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“Of all the techniques, the Fire Lab is the most evolved. It is the shortcut to obtain wealth.” – Dr. Pillai

What You Receive:

  • Fame & Abundance Obstacle Removal ($45 Value)
  • Victorious Prosperity Fire Lab ($45 Value)
  • Invincible Spiritual & Material Wealth Fire Lab ($45 Value)
  • Enjoy the Fruits of Prosperity Fire Lab ($45 Value)
  • Prosperity Invigoration Fire Lab ($45 Value)
  • Prepare Yourself to Receive Power through Fire Workshop with Gita (Complimentary)
  • Lifetime Access to All Content  (Complimentary)
  • Unlimited Support (Complimentary)

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