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My Lord’s Prayer Jesus in His Own Words: Essential


“There is no comparison of what Jesus said in his own language, Aramaic. The language itself is so spiritual, just listening to it you can get the Holy Spirit.” – Dr. Pillai

In this highly requested course, you can receive anointing into the sacred power of the Aramaic teachings of Jesus for an opportunity to receive the following benefits:

  • The experiential significance of speaking in Jesus’ original words
  • Power sounds to call upon Jesus
  • The mystical meanings of the original “Lord’s Prayer” in Aramaic
  • A guided experience of samyama, Patanjali’s supreme 4-step method of concentration, upon the key words and phrases in each line of the Aramaic Prayer to experience their unique and Divine state of consciousness and receive revelations
  • Daily practice techniques for using the Aramaic Prayer as a creative principle in your daily waking life, and in your dream life
  • How to perform the communion ritual to experience union with Jesus
  • Anointing with the Holy Spirit
  • And more

What You Receive

  • 1 Introductory Session with Dr. Pillai 
  • 5 Live Interactive Sessions with Anointed Minister Elaine Kueper (9am PT/5pm UTC every
    Sunday in February)
  • Do-It-for-Yourself Daily Practice Guidelines
  • Downloadable meditation and power sound audios, and session transcripts
  • Lifetime access to all recorded content on Pillai Center Academy Membership Portal

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