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Mystery School 2021 Asia – Payment Plan

$500.00 every 3 months for 12 months

Dr Pillai’s Mystery School is Dr Pillai’s most exclusive, premier program he offers to the public. Through Dr Pillai’s Mystery School, Dr Pillai reveals his latest and most powerful teachings to his students. Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School Asia is exactly the same as Dr. Pillai’s 2021 Mystery School. However, the key difference is that it features select video excerpts of Dr. Pillai’s teachings and techniques from his 2021 Mystery School.

*This will be one of four payments. The second and subsequent payments will be automatically charged every third month until the end of the program. You can cancel anytime by contacting us here.

What You Receive:

  • Dr Pillai’s 2021 Mystery School Teachings At A Special Price
  • Key Teachings by Dr Pillai’s 2021 Mystery School For that Month
  • Audio Downloads of all Teachings and Meditations
  • “Live” Blessing Sessions with Dr Pillai

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