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Mystery School 2022 | Living the Divine Mind: Basics Payment Plan

$245.00 / month for 12 months

Experience a special opportunity to progress your personal evolution with a compact collection of Mystery School 2022 curriculum. You can receive some of Dr. Pillai’s most powerful teachings, spiritual revelations and direct blessings, and benefit from group connection.

As a participant of Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School: Living the Divine Mind, you will have the opportunity to receive ultimate teachings and empowerment from Dr. Pillai. Dr. Pillai will engage with students to guide them toward Divine consciousness by overcoming the limited human mind. You will receive a condensed package of special teachings and personal blessings from Dr. Pillai, community connection groups, and weekly interactive calls to help you achieve your goals.

What You Receive:

  • 12 Teachings and Initiations with Dr. Pillai
  • Weekly Group Meditation and Fellowship Sessions
  • Conscious Community Groups
  • Special savings

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