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Navaratri 2023 Virtual Experience: Premier


“The Goddesses don’t belong to the Earth plane. They come from their own galaxies. The Goddesses are real. She comes and gives you miraculous powers. And she is within every one of us.” — Dr. Pillai

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Dr. Pillai will conduct three live Goddess initiations during significant powertimes, which will be revealed as Navaratri draws closers. He will invoke special forms of the Goddess for blessings and grace. His inspired invocation transmits potent Goddess Energy, awakening dormant powers and guiding participants on a sacred path of spiritual ascension. 

You will receive a personalized yantra inscribed with your name and birth chart, serving as a power source and a proxy pathway to represent your spiritual presence throughout the temple immersions. 

Participate in live mini fire labs and meditations with Pillai Center Teachers to invite the powerful presence and blessings of divine feminine energies, and help you deepen the connection with the Goddess. 

Join an online group forum to access sacred experiences, photos and inspirational messages throughout the immersion.

What You Receive:

  • Dr. Pillai’s 3 Supreme Goddess Initiations 
  • Custom Energized Proxy Yantra
  • Supreme Goddess Proxy Rituals at 40+ Powerspot Temples in India
  • 6 Interactive Mini Fire Labs & Meditation Immersions
  • Interactive Virtual Goddess Trip Group
  • Pillai Center Academy Course with Lifetime Access to Content