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Personalized Manifestation Coaching Program Level I


An Express Path to Transforming Your Spiritual, Personal, and Professional Life

Dr. Pillai has given his blessings to Sunny, whom he gave the spiritual name Kalkidas, to offer this new coaching program to the Pillai Center Community. Kalkidas has been trained by Dr. Pillai since 2010 to teach meditation. He has undergone extensive training and development under Dr. Pillai’s guidance to assist people in their spiritual and material transformation. Kalkidas has also been initiated and empowered by Dr. Pillai to access intelligence from Divine beings such as Karuppasamy, Vishnu, the Goddesses, and more. Working with him allows you to access personalized Vedic and Siddha wisdom to help you achieve your manifestation goals in an accelerated way.

Dr. Pillai teaches that you can manifest anything. But, the bigger the manifestation or change, the more skill and energy it can take to restructure karma to create the new reality. This program is being made available for those who are seeking major transformation and are willing to do the deep inner work to follow the principles of success. This is a unique opportunity to receive guidance to help you navigate obstacles and achieve goals in the following main areas:

  • Mind and Identity Expansion
  • Resetting Karma
  • Career Success
  • Spiritual Intelligence
  • Relationships and Love

What You Will Receive in this 6-Month Program:

  • 12 Bimonthly Personalized Coaching Sessions
  • 1-Year Written Astrological Report to Plan Your Time and Life
  • 6 Monthly Group New Moon Fire Labs for Karma Removal
  • 6 Monthly Group Full Moon Fire Labs for Goddess Lakshmi