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Wealth Powertime Events Extended


To help accelerate your manifestation of wealth, you can choose to benefit from the combined power of group synergy and targeted interactive ritual technology.

Sign up on by Dec. 18, 7:30 am PST / Dec. 19, 3:30 am UTC


As per members request we are happy to extend the program until December 30th, 2020.

What you receive

  • 2 Wealth Activation Sound and Light Ceremonies – Dec. 18 & 25
  • 1 Interactive Wealth Activation Full Moon Fire Lab – Dec. 29

Sign up by Dec. 18, 7:30 am PST / Dec. 19, 3:30 am UTC

Specifically Formulated to Accelerate Wealth Manifestation

Each of these webcasts will be performed during key powertimes recognized to enhance results. Our English-speaking Vedic priest and teachers will guide you in prayer through the various aspects of the traditional fire ceremony. You’ll benefit from guidance, the energy of the powertime, and the group synergy.

This interactive ritual package is highly focused and targeted. It has been formulated with specific rituals and components that work together to fast-track your experience of manifesting wealth. The wealth creation rituals are formulated to invoke and compel key archetypes associated with wealth creation to intervene and manifest wealth on your behalf.

  • Accelerate the materialization of your wealth goals and all-around prosperity
  • Fast-track a new destiny with the intervention of key wealth archetypes
  • Take advantage of the pivotal wealth creation powertimes

During the live streams, you will learn the deeper meaning of the ritual, why it is being performed, and how to participate from home to invoke the energy into your mind, body, and soul in the most powerful way.


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