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Get Access To Revolutionary Spiritual Tools and Techniques For Life Solutions, Human Evolution and Growth

Discover the perfect combination of ancient wisdom, modern-day science and profound spiritual knowledge to address everything
from your health, wealth, relationships and spiritual evolution. Get started now by registering for our free 5-Part program
to receive 5 techniques to create a meaningful “200% Life”.

How To Create A 200% Lifestyle

Experience Mastery Over Both Matter And Spirit



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What’s the 200% life? It’s a lifestyle in which both spirituality and materiality are embraced equally. Rather than renouncing the material world to evolve spiritually, or disregarding spirituality in favor of material comforts, it allows for one to experience the best of both worlds in perfect harmony. This is considered by the Siddhas (Perfected Human Beings) true mastery.

It starts with addressing the 5 most important areas of your life which are your:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Karma
  • Relationships
  • And Spirituality

Discover mantras, meditations, and rituals prescribed by the Siddhas to empower each of these key areas of your life in a free 5 part program.

Learn From A True Master

Meet Dr. Baskaran Pillai. He’s a contemporary master of the South Indian Tamil Siddha tradition – an unbroken lineage of renegade spiritual scientists who have attained the highest degree of human evolution.

As the only public representative of this very secretive tradition, Dr. Pillai offers through Pillai Center Academy their highly unique, extremely practical tools and techniques for mastery over both spirit and matter.

They believe this mastery starts with balancing the 5 most important areas of your life.





Ancient Science Backed By Modern Day Research


Uni-dimensional sounds that can create three dimensional reality.


Mind process techniques that can change your neurology.


Receive the energetic empowerment from a master to experience the fast track to success.


Spiritual technology to bypass logic and rationality.



Register For Free 5 Part Program Today

Learn 5 Techniques For A 200% Life 100% Material and 100% Spiritual

Gain immediate access to 5 powerful tools and techniques discovered by the Tamil Siddhas to experience the radical shift in your life you’ve been searching for.

This easy-to-follow interactive program will empower you through specific meditations, mantras, and rituals to:

  • Release old habits and thought patterns
  • Reverse the aging process
  • Unlock your ability to make manifest
  • Attract fulfilling relationships
  • And awaken you to your highest potential



What People Are Saying

I am so happy connected with you and watched most of your videos towards Midbrain Miracles. Dr. Pillai’s videos really helped me to gain more knowledge on Mid Brain Activation concepts and wanted to help the society in a big way. For me Dr.Pillai’s inputs really helped me a l...

G K Srinivasa Kumaran

Thank you Dr. Pillai for your daily feed of teachings, your commitment for the human race, for the human evolution. After I watched your video, I chanted the power sound you gave. I had an explosion inside my brain of happiness, joy, pure bliss. That effect ran through my whole b...

Martin Lehmann

Everything changed, my focus, energy and outlook on life, my purpose and my ability to make money shifted! Suddenly everything seemed much clearer, following that [first Millionaire Yoga] initiation I woke like clockwork each morning (without an alarm) at 5.30AM - it was like my ...

Pete Craig