How Can Sounds Contribute to Your Success?

Sounds are the building blocks of the universe, and each sound has its own unique vibrational frequency. Certain sounds have the potential to influence your mind and your life in profound ways. Sounds for Success shares five such sounds that can have a powerful impact on five major areas of your life. Through focused repetition, your mind can align with a sound's unique vibrational frequency, and as a result, begin to attract the circumstances and opportunities to experience a full "200% life".

Get Results in 5 Areas of Your Life

  • Enlightenment

    Experience the ultimate in human evolution and gain mastery over matter and spirit.

  • Karmic Freedom

    Release old thought patterns and negative setbacks.

  • Money

    Bring money and all forms of material wealth to your doorstep.

  • Health

    Heal diseases and revitalize the body at the particle level.

  • Love

    Attract the perfect people in your life and surround yourself with love.

Learn from a True Master

Meet Dr. Baskaran Pillai. He's a phenomenologist of religion and an enlightened master of the South Indian Tamil Siddha tradition - an unbroken lineage of spiritual scientists who have evolved themselves to the highest degree in human evolution. As the only public representative of this very secretive tradition, he is the source for some of the most revolutionary self-empowerment tools and techniques on the planet. His mission is to completely end human suffering.

Ancient Science with Modern Understanding


Modern science has shown us in a concrete way that sound can influence our minds, emotional states, and over-all well being. Quantum Physics now agrees with Yogic scientists that sound is the fundamental building block of both matter and consciousness, and as such is the very source for the world as we know it. Using the right sounds (mantras), which are unidimensional, one can manipulate both matter and spirit.


As we know through Quantum Physics and other researchers, consciousness is not limited to the physical body. They say it is "non-local." People who have mastered their own consciousness, Siddhas like Dr. Pillai, have the ability to transmit parts of their consciousness to others through something called "initiation." Empowerments from a Siddha Master can transform your consciousness in an instant, as part of their consciousness can be super-imposed onto your own..

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What Others Have Said About Dr. Pillai

Dr. Dyer said:

"Dr. Pillai is one of the most enlightened people on the planet"

Dr. Wayne Dyer
Best Selling Author
Dr. Bissoon said:

"The information one gets from Dr. Pillai is not something you can learn anywhere. It's not written in textbooks; you can't go and study it. He's imparting the knowledge to you that you can't find anyplace."

Dr. Lionel Bissoon, MD
Renowned Anti-Aging Expert
Dr. Caba said:

"What was most exciting was to know that these sounds, these certain sounds for specific issues literally change people's brains - changed mine, changed the people that I work with, I see it around him with all of his students all of the time."

Dr. Guldal Caba
Ph.D., NMD, NAC, Psychologist/Naturopath

The mind has the ability to manifest anything it wants. Do not choose to live a powerless life.


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