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Create Your 2023: Quarter 2 | April – June


Dr. Pillai has commissioned a new 1-Year Program to create your new future in 2023. The intention of the course is to have you create a new version of yourself this year with the powerful teachings and empowerments from Dr. Pillai, including spiritual technology to challenge your limited mindset, and motivation and support from Pillai Center teachers and coaches. 

Quarter 2 provides you with Dr. Pillai’s teachings and tools to overcome negative thinking. You have access to Dr. Pillai’s on-demand New Year teaching empowerment as well as bi-monthly teaching sessions based on the quarterly topics listed below. 

What You Receive: 

  • On-Demand New Year Quantumizing Shreem Brzee Initiation with Dr. Pillai
  • Dr. Pillais Essential Teachings & Techniques for Module 2
  • 2 Monthly Pradosham Karma-Removal Hydrations
  • Bi-Monthly Create Your 2023 Group Coaching Sessions pertaining to the following topics
    – Soul Genetics
    – Biogenetics influences
    – Planetary Influences
    – Inhibit Negative Thoughts