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Create Your Future in 2023: Dr. Pillai’s New Year On-Demand Events Bundle


“My primary objective for this New Year Teaching Empowerment with Dr. Pillai + Vedic Solstice Initiation with Dr. Pillai program is to create your future in 2023, but with the knowledge that’s available in 3023.” — Dr. Pillai

Receive both of Dr. Pillai’s 2023 New Year’s Initiations to manifest through Quantum Thinking in 2023 and beyond.

What You Receive:

  • On-Demand: Dr. Pillai’s Quantumizing Shreem Brzee Initiation
    (Originally given by Dr. Pillai on New Year’s Day, Jan 1 2023)
  • On-Demand: Quantum Thinking from the 3rd Eye Initiation 
    (Originally given by Dr. Pillai on the Vedic Solstice, Jan 14, 2023)
In order to think and manifest, your thoughts need to be produced from the Quantum Mind. This is done through Quantum Thinking in the Third Eye. Dr. Pillai has given meditation, teaching, and initiation into this powerful technique. He also performed a special initiation during the Vedic Winter Solstice, the most important time for the renewal of the universe and the awakening of the Gods to support all of humanity.  

Both On-Demand sessions are included in this bundle package.