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Create Your Future in 2023: Yearlong Premier


“My primary objective for this Create Your Future in 2023: Yearlong Premier is to create your future in 2023, but with the knowledge that’s available in 3023.” — Dr. Pillai

The Premier level provides access to the Intermediate Program, plus personalized services and an additional session with Dr. Pillai. This program is designed to support your ability to recreate your life to the next level with additional support. 

You will enjoy monthly “boot camps” with senior teachers, including thought labs, coaching, and meditation. You will receive an astrology reading or report that outlines your planetary roadmap for 2023 and a one-on-one coaching session to help apply your astrology to your personal goals.  Exclusive to the Premier level of the program are prescribed custom remedies and daily rituals to provide support where you need it most.  

What You Receive: 

  • On-Demand New Year Quantumizing Shreem Brzee Initiation with Dr. Pillai
  • Jan 14: New Year Quantum Thinking from the 3rd Eye Initiation on the Vedic Solstice
  • Starting Jan 7: Weekly Create Your 2023 Group Coaching Sessions
  • Dr. Pillai’s Essential Teachings & Techniques for each module
  • Dr. Pillai’s Advanced Teachings & Techniques for each module
  • 2 Monthly Pradosham Karma-Removal Hydrations
  • Monthly Shreem Brzee Full Moon Fire Lab
  • 3 Live Revelatory Sessions with Dr. Pillai during Modules 2-4
  • Monthly Thought Labs
  • Individual Coaching Consultation
  • Personal Astrology Reading
  • Custom Remedies
  • Daily 9-Planet Poojas